Chocobos and Saucers

Chocobos and Saucers

Last night, Chaide and I worked hard at grinding out company seals so we could try to get our Chocobos. It took a few hours, and some running around, but we finally got them!! We did it through FATEs and trying to kill a few things in our Hunting Log. Probably not the most optimal (nor fastest) solution, but with different Free Companies, we kind of wanted to do it together.

Meet Topaz

So named because eventually I will be feeding him (eventually) so he turns blue. He might not be the exact color of Topaz, possibly lighter, but I thought it was a fitting name for a blue Chocobo.

Manderville Saucer

We decided to head over to the Saucer even though we didn’t have much play time before bed. So we went to Ul’dah to talk to the guy we needed to so we could obtain our Golden Ticket, and then headed over.

I wonder if you can dye the racing Chocobos different colors? And I wonder what breeding is like. I’m looking forward to the Chocobo races, mainly. Though I’ll give Triple Triad a try. I know Chaide is very interested in TT as it brings back memories. We’re hoping to get in tonight before WildStar and do some mini-gaming galore! 😀

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