Fit Geek Friday – Superheroes!

Fit Geek Friday – Superheroes!

I’ve recently joined a blogging link-up called Fit Geek Friday, hosted by B.J., and Void, this blogger initiative is all about geeks interested in fitness of sorts, get together and share links, and talk about awesome things for the week.

#FitGeekFriday is a way for all of us to meet new friends, find new health, fitness, and geekery blogs, and immerse ourselves in a growing community of people who care about all the same stuff we do.

Participation is simple!

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This week, we’re talking about Superheroes!

Superheroes to the Rescue!

While I like superheroes (particularly the X-Men), I want to focus more on MMOs. And not Superhero MMOs, but MMOs where we become the heroes. In fantasy MMOs, we’re labeled as “heroes”. Like in WoW or FFXIV.

Would we be defined as superheroes in those genres? I guess it would depend on your definition of Superhero. What qualifies a character as a superhero? Extraordinary powers, superhuman powers, and paranormal abilities are usually the qualifying factors. Would you classify your toon in your chosen MMO as a superhero?

Honestly, I’ve never thought of any of my fantasy characters as Superheroes, as the genre expects there to be folks of extraordinary strength and ability. In short, it’s not superhuman, but expected. There are creatures that need to be dealt with out in the world, and those humanoids that go and remove said threat.

Now, if it were a game such as The Secret World, (which I am getting back into) I would consider it Superhuman powers. Much like the Spiderman “creation story”, we are given superhuman powers by a mere insect that plays a very important role in the story.

So what defines whether someone is a superhero or not? Is it really the fact that one would have superhuman powers? Or is it the environment that determines if these powers are the “norm” or outside of it? I, for one, would have to say the environment. In fantasy, it’s not outside the norm. However, in an urban environment, it would be out of the norm, and therefore superhuman.

So, what do you guys think of Superheroes? Share anything and everything you want about them, and don’t forget to add your link and Link Up!

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