The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

We got some more time in FFXIV this past weekend, and worked some more on our main story line. Our goal is to hit 30 in our first class, and then pick up our secondary class and level it to 30. So Chaide will be picking up Conjurer (he’s already an Arcanist) and I will be picking up Gladiator. We’ll work on side quests out in Gridania until we hit 30 on them as well. Anyway, onto our adventures in Gridania!

The Sylph of Gridania

We were sent over to Gridania with Papalymo and Yda to speak with the Twin Adders and meet with the Sylph to make sure that The Touched weren’t going to summon Ramuh, and to help form ties between the Adders and Untouched.

Dancing for the Sylphs

To get their attention, we had to dance for them. Of course, Yda got some… “leg cramps”.

Find Claxio

Then we had to go searching for a Sylph who ran off, wanting to be alone. They then realized that they had made a mistake and headed back to the rest of the Sylph.


Buscarron, a barkeep, sends us on some other tasks to help the Sylphs and promote peace between Gridiania and Little Solace. One is to follow Laurentius, a Woodsman who’s been acting strangely. Wouldn’t you know, he betrayed his people and then turns himself in after realizing his wicked ways…


We find out that the Elder of Little Solace (Frixio) has run off and has not yet returned. So Papalymo and Yda send us off to find Frixio, while they go see what they can do… or something. It was a little confusing.

The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

Frixio ended up running into a dungeon, so it’s time to go rescue them! Two FC-mates were kind enough to join us for this, and it was a lot of fun. Some different mob mechanics which was cool to see. Though a lot of it felt very tank-and-spank. Which isn’t bad, but there weren’t as many cool mechanics as the first two dungeons we ran. Though last boss was kind of “… EW!” worthy.

Chaide is a Falafel (yes, I know it’s Lalafell), so he’s hiding behind me. You can see his cute little legs, though!

Big Bad is Back

Hey! Look who it is!! Lots of lore in this section, which I loved. 😀

Frixio Found!

After defeating the boss, we find that Frixio was cocooned up in a spider sac thingie where they store their food (ew). Yay! Frixio is saved! Gridania and Little Solace can live in peace! Before we head back to finish things with Frixio, we got a bit of a flashback, which was neat to see multiple Big Bads working at the same time, instead of just one head hancho with lackies. (Unless these guys are lackies too…)

Looking forward to what the story brings next!

12 thoughts on “The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

  1. Oh man, your approaching my favorite part of the pre-patch Realm Reborn story! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it.

  2. Forgot to mention yesterday… Toto-Rak is somewhat unaffectionately nicknamed "The Thousand Yawns of Total Nap" due to it being, as you noticed… kinda boring. 2 bosses are tank and spanks. Unimaginative trash, and then that stupid long hallway with the goo between boss 2 and boss 3…… It's definitely my least favorite dungeon. That said…. I don't mind it…. it's just my least favorite.

  3. I'm excited to get in and play some more! Though I'm sure we'll be taking a fairly large break after we get to 30 and learn our secondary classes and level them to 30 as well. 🙂

  4. Oh awesome! I'm still learning everybody's in-game name, so I'm not sure if you were the DPS or the healer, hehe. 🙂 Lots of awesome folks in the FC, but still learning who is who!

    Yeah, it was kind of boring. If it's the "worst" dungeon in here, then I'm excited for what else is to come. 🙂 I mean, yeah, it was pretty damn boring, but it wasn't the "worst dungeon ever created" that I've run.

  5. I don't want to spoil but the story will probably be a roadblock on your "break" period if you are really enjoying it.

  6. Well if it helps, I'm "Gotter Dammerung" in game, and I was your healer on that run.


    Your next dungeon is a bit more fun. Dungeons phase in mechanics over time, so Haukke Manor adds in patrolling mobs to look out for as well as the static trash groups. The bosses have some AE to look out for, the 2nd one is actually 2 mobs and you have to kill them in the right order, and the final mob had AE mechanics to dodge, AE mechanics that can't be dodged, but can be turned off, and she calls adds too. Her fight can get a little frenetic. . . .

  7. I thought so! 🙂 Have you added on both Anook and my Feedreader. Though I do need to update my blog roll…

    I've heard a lot of fun stuff about Haukke. I'm looking forward to more of a challenge with tanking. Pats are my favorite pulls as a tank–it takes a little bit of deftness and skill to come up with strategies on the fly when you get some, whether it be purposefully or accidentally. 🙂

    (Pats in Veteran dungeons in WildStar are kind of evil and can wipe a party even fully raid geared. :P)

  8. WHM and SCH are both fun but definitely very different play styles. SCH is kinda easy-mode healing in the low level dungeons, but at about 40+ I find myself starting to prefer the WHM. FWIW, it really doesn't take very long to get both to 30 and he can do both. I got a 2nd character to 30 (she's 5, so doesn't actually know how to play — just runs around the housing zones) each for my daughter so she could have a fairy pet and it went quickly.

  9. Haukke just introduces them and they're not a big deal there — low HP but with a pretty nasty AE that the tank needs to stun. The next dungeon after that is Brayflox's Longstop and that's the one where they can wipe you if you're not careful. . . .

  10. I'm glad there's some new mechanics to play! 🙂 I've seen a screenshot of Brayflox and it looks absolutely stunningly beautiful. I'm looking forward to getting to more dungeons. 🙂

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