Faffing About

Faffing About

Last night Chaide and I got in a little bit of Final Fantasy, which I was very excited to do. Due to mainly a WildStar filled week, we don’t get much time for FFXIV or TSW as we would like.

We have set aside some weekend time to TSW so long as our third (Camara) is online–but he’s had a very odd work schedule as of late with lots of travel, including some overseas, so we’ve been holding off on leveling without him.

I did tell Chaide that I wanted to get into FFXIV more, especially while he’s working on things for school, so I’m hoping to get in and level my gathering professions. We only really get in game on Mondays, and that’s not enough play-time there for me. I’m hoping to get FSH to 20 (if it’s not there already) and then work in turn on the other two, now that we’ve all three main cities unlocked. I should also probably check my Retainers as I have yet to do any of that since we originally got them.

Chaide doesn’t want me to get too far ahead of him, but at the same time, I currently have a little bit more free time than he does (though not much) and I’d like to do something other than faff about on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

I can see myself dropping many hours at the Golden Saucer, as we haven’t done much there aside from our original visit.

Tonight it’s leftovers for dinner, so that gives me a little bit of extra play-time before WildStar. I plan on finalizing plans for Yardcore since last week fell through the cracks with both my main and fall-back getting whacked by real life. And I’d like to finish up my first Shadowrun Returns Let’s Play for QueueTimes to post later this week.

Then it’s a toss up between FFXIV fishing or putting together more Let’s Play videos so I don’t end up with a backlog. Granted, I could do both at the same time with dual monitors. I sometimes forget I have two monitors… I should multi-task more!

WildStar tonight consists of a PTR night that only has one other sign up aside from myself, so I’ll probably end up faffing about on Live. Maybe I can get in one of the vet adventures I need for DPS imbuements and log early.

I haven’t been sleeping well at night, recently, though I can’t figure out why, so getting to bed a little earlier than normal and sleeping through until I get up for my work from home day sounds absolutely fabulous.

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