Stop! Selfie Time!

Stop! Selfie Time!

Murf over at Murf Versus has posed a challenge as a part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year, called the Screenshot Safari:

For my part in the NBI2015, I want to see your screenshots. Each week in May, I am challenging everyone to publish a post featuring a favorite screenshot and why that screenshot best fits a particular theme. You can choose freely from the list of themes, but please only submit one post per theme. Considering this is a weekly event, that means only four overall submissions are allowed, so make them count!

One of the themes is “Selfie”. As many folks have already posted, I’m also going to submit a selfie. I’m not sure how the weeks are getting paced out (some folks are going by every 7 days, whereas I feel a week starts on Sundays, so my “second week” will start, well, Sunday).

My selfie is of my new version of Chestnut. Chestnut originally started off as a Female Tauren Druid. When I started WildStar, Chestnut became a Female Aurin Stalker. Honestly, Aurin are not my favorite race. But I felt based upon how Chestnut is RPed, and the fact that she was a Druid in WoW, Aurin felt like the best fit (even if her personality is more of a Mordesh with a dash of Aurin thrown in).

This is a shot folks will probably recognize. I use it a bunch for my social media outlets, especially the kissy face (Twitter, Anook, and Steam for instance). For those that don’t know, that’s part of the Fem Aurin /taunt. Which is one of my favorite Aurin emotes ever. The /flex is great, too. (Though the Fem Granok /flex is way better!)

When Murf posed the challenge and listed “Selfie” as one of the categories, I knew it had to be this shot. I don’t know why, but it sort of gives off part of my own personality–cheeky Ginger. Don’t take no shit from nobody. Which Chestnut totally doesn’t. She’s very “Mama Bear”, which I suppose I am as well. Nobody screws with my friends (or my guild).

B’ware the claws of Bears and Stalkers.

4 thoughts on “Stop! Selfie Time!

  1. "I'm not sure how the weeks are getting paced out (some folks are going by every 7 days, whereas I feel a week starts on Sundays, so my "second week" will start, well, Sunday)."

    The week part isn't that important. There's a limit of four total posts, so you can submit screenshots for only four of the themes. It doesn't really matter how you spread them out or what day you publish them. I just happened to set my own up for Fridays.

    As for this post, I really like it. I think it's cool that we both chose WildStar for the selfie category since, as I mentioned in my own post, the game itself seems to have a similar personality to the whole concept of selfies. Plus, it always manages to look bright and interesting with some interesting character designs.

    Excellent submission. I look forward to your others!

  2. Wow, I love that selfie! The colours and everything – just beautiful. I'm gonna have a hard time coming up with something that comes remotely close in quality. :O

  3. Okay, good to know. Especially since I was offline last week. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the kind words! And I completely agree–it does seem to lend itself to the concept of Selfies.

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