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NBI 2015 Safari: Wrap-Up

NBI 2015 Safari: Wrap-Up

For those that didn’t know, Murf ran a month-long contest called the NBI 2015 Safari to help get us newbie bloggers some prompts and ideas to spring board. In his most recent post, he announces the winners of the Safari!

All in all, all of the entries were magnificent, so be sure to check them all out, and not just the Winners. 🙂 Who knows, you may find another blog for your blog roll or feedreader!

As a writing prompt, Murf suggested we revisit our posts:

If you won, please consider reposting your screenshot with a link back this this post. It’ll be an awesome way to show off and an opportunity to get one last boost in seeing everyone else’s entries or a list of all of those who participated. Similarly, if you didn’t win, reposting all of your submission in one place as one big round-up wouldn’t be a bad idea either. You could also link back here and help those who did win get a little more coverage, while putting a big, fat blogroll in front of everyone else.

I loved the idea of the single screenshots posts. Some people left it at a few sentences, but I found myself writing a few paragraphs (what can I say, even my short posts are kind of long…). This is also a writing style/prompt you may see around the blog more often. I’m aiming to try to start writing in my blog every day because I feel better emotionally when I do (even if it’s just happy stuff, happy can get overwhelming!), and sometimes bloggers-block can happen. And that’s more than likely when you’ll see my screenshots with some flavor text (okay okay, flavor paragraphs!).

But anyways, here’s a recap of the screenshots and posts I entered for the Screenshot Safari this year!

Stop! Selfie Time!

The original post

In my Selfie post I talk a bit about why I liked the shot, and also discuss a bit about how I see Chestnut as an RP character, and how I view myself in Chestnut (whether she be an Aurin or a Tauren Bear Tank).

Epic Achievement

The original post

In my achievement post, I discuss why a simple world boss kill after Contracts came out is still an achievement to me. Also, doesn’t the WildStar combat just look cool?

What Makes a Villain?

The original post

My villain post was a shot from a FFXIV cutscene. But the topic itself really got me thinking–what does make a villain? How does one truly define this in MMOs, especially those with dual-factions? My thoughts and other questions are posed in this particular post.

An Aurin Forest

The original post

I decided to go with the landscape theme for my final submission to the Safari (because I never read the updated rules… shame on me!). The really cool thing about WildStar is that you’re not limited to the landscapes that the Developers provide in the various zones–you also have a plethora of player-created landscapes that you could spend weeks going through, only to find someone re-did their plot, and you have even more to go through.

An Aurin Forest

An Aurin Forest

One of the most robust features in WildStar is housing. There are so many things you can do with it (which is why I love doing Yardcore videos!). As such, there are some beautiful landscapes that folks have designed that just take your breath away.

This landscape happens to be on a housing plot. The plot belongs to a former guild member, and I took it at the time because there was a glitch with one of the harvesting plugs. A survivalist gathering node had appeared inside the Hot Springs FABKit (pre-made plugs you can put on your plot), and we thought it hilarious and totally worth a screenshot.

As I was going through my screenshot folders to find a good one for my last NBI Safari post, I stumbled upon this shot and thought it worked. The water FABKits are some of my favorite, and here’s to hoping that one day we’ll have water effects/blocks to use in housing!

What Makes a Villain?

What Makes a Villain?

If you didn’t know by now, Murf is hosting a Screenshot Safari competition during the Newbie Blogger Initiative.

I’m behind on entries, so there will be two this week, I’m sure. This one is based on the topic: Heroes or Villains.

It was kind of a tough topic for me to come up with, quite honestly. In WildStar, who are the real villains? The big bad? The factions we fight against? It didn’t feel quite so clear-cut. Because the premise of the game is that we are discovering what the Eldan have left on Nexus. So does that make the Eldan the big bads, or their creation(s)? Lots of questions to mull over, for sure, and not so cut-and-dry that I felt confident taking some shots in WildStar, because, honestly, I couldn’t answer any of those questions.

So I thought about Star Wars, because we just picked it back up to play with some WildStar guildies in their off-time. Again, there’s no real clear-cut definition of who is bad, and who is not. Granted, I’m not very far in (I just passed the starter zone), but based on what everyone knows of the movies, the Republic are the “heroes” and the Empire are the “villains”. Again, this is a little more like real-life where things aren’t so cut-and-dry and we’re all sort of doing bad and good things. Especially with the Light and Dark points in play, you can have a Light-leaning Sith and a Dark-leaning Jedi. It’s all convoluted.

Obviously the next thought was FFXIV. And I had a winner. Based upon where I am in the storyline (level 29), there is a clear-cut bad guy that is doing bad things that the entirety of Eorzea is currently trying to combat together. There is no question whatsoever on whom is the bad guy. None. The man in the black mask is bad. Convincing people to do bad things. Doing bad things to others. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are other bad-folks. But at this point in time, it seems they are working… not in conjunction, per se, but seem to be following the path that the Masked Man has laid out, whether they are cognizant of such or not.

So without further ado, I present to you my Villain picture of the Masked Man’s first cronie.

NBI Think
A topic for folks that may be interested: How does one define who is a hero or villan in a game? Is it story-based? Is it personal preference? What about MMOs versus single-player games?

NBI Safari – Epic Achievement

NBI Safari – Epic Achievement

If you didn’t already know, this month is the Newbie Blogger Initiative, and Murf over at Murf Vs. has posed a challenge to bloggers called the NBI Safari. What’s the Safari? Murf provided a few different topics, and wants to see screenshots from these topics (you can only choose four, mind) and why you think they embody the particular topics you choose.

Last week, I didn’t do any blogging, and was pretty much offline because my mother was in town (expect a long post on last week’s shenanigans sometime today), so I’m playing a bit of catchup with the Safari this week.

So, my first submission for the Safari this week is a screenshot that embodies the Epic Achievement topic. Granted, the screenshot above is just of a world boss kill. And it’s not my greatest screenshot because even when you hide UI, text still pops up on your screen, which I was a little sad about.

But anyway. How does a world boss kill count as an epic achievement, especially when you need fourteen world bosses anways to get Attuned for raiding, and they spawn on a four hour timer (approximately, assuming they’re not events like the Hellrose Bowl)?

Well, it was my first ever kill on that particular boss–Scorchwing. I know, I know, he’s been around since like, Drop 3 (back in early November 2014), and we’re on Drop 5. How the hell have I not done Scorchwing?

I’m one of those people that doesn’t get lucky with meeting spawn timers. Not only that, if timers are up, I’m usually in the middle of something else. That kind of falls in the territory of being a guild leader and having a focus that isn’t particularly progression-minded. There’s also just so damn much to do in WildStar.

Some people berate the game (WildStar) for having a “lack of content” and I would whole-heartedly have to disagree. I still don’t have my “main” professions maxed out (well, the gathering ones are, but they’re the only ones). I still haven’t finished Wilderrun, Blighthaven, or Defile. Then there’s achievements to do, Contracts to complete, PvP to die in, Companions to collect…

Yeah, there’s a lot to do. So, this is an epic achievement for me, because it’s my first time on Scorchwing. It’s an epic achievement for me because I was able to make the time to do it. It’s an epic achievement for me because I had fun, and I was excited to complete it. And after all, isn’t that what makes something an achievement? Not that other people deem it as such, but that you have a personal sense of fulfillment after completing it.

Besides, who can say no to a title and another in-game achievement complete in my log?

Stop! Selfie Time!

Stop! Selfie Time!

Murf over at Murf Versus has posed a challenge as a part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year, called the Screenshot Safari:

For my part in the NBI2015, I want to see your screenshots. Each week in May, I am challenging everyone to publish a post featuring a favorite screenshot and why that screenshot best fits a particular theme. You can choose freely from the list of themes, but please only submit one post per theme. Considering this is a weekly event, that means only four overall submissions are allowed, so make them count!

One of the themes is “Selfie”. As many folks have already posted, I’m also going to submit a selfie. I’m not sure how the weeks are getting paced out (some folks are going by every 7 days, whereas I feel a week starts on Sundays, so my “second week” will start, well, Sunday).

My selfie is of my new version of Chestnut. Chestnut originally started off as a Female Tauren Druid. When I started WildStar, Chestnut became a Female Aurin Stalker. Honestly, Aurin are not my favorite race. But I felt based upon how Chestnut is RPed, and the fact that she was a Druid in WoW, Aurin felt like the best fit (even if her personality is more of a Mordesh with a dash of Aurin thrown in).

This is a shot folks will probably recognize. I use it a bunch for my social media outlets, especially the kissy face (Twitter, Anook, and Steam for instance). For those that don’t know, that’s part of the Fem Aurin /taunt. Which is one of my favorite Aurin emotes ever. The /flex is great, too. (Though the Fem Granok /flex is way better!)

When Murf posed the challenge and listed “Selfie” as one of the categories, I knew it had to be this shot. I don’t know why, but it sort of gives off part of my own personality–cheeky Ginger. Don’t take no shit from nobody. Which Chestnut totally doesn’t. She’s very “Mama Bear”, which I suppose I am as well. Nobody screws with my friends (or my guild).

B’ware the claws of Bears and Stalkers.

Meeting with the Resistance

Meeting with the Resistance

Newbie Blogger Initiative

Yesterday marked the first day of May, and therefore, the first day of the Newbie Blogger Initiative for 2015. What is NBI? Well, Belghast did a really great write-up of what it is and why you should participate in it over at MMOGames, so check that out!

What does it mean for the blog? Well, it means that I’ll hopefully be posting a bit more. Especially since Murf at Murf Versus has come up with a, well, challenge, essentially, called the #NBI2015Safari that I’m looking forward to participating in.

I do have to say that completing NBI may be a bit of a challenge for me this month, because I have so many IRL obligations. But I’m looking forward to the challenge of working in the time, possibly pre-writing posts to put up (I hate scheduling them, because then I forget to post them via social media, and I like doing that), and finding other times to write them. Like maybe trying to write them on lunch again (if work slows down a bit, that is).

Meeting with the Resistance

On Monday, Chaide and I spent a few hours putzing about in Final Fantasy. We started off continuing our progress on the main storyline. So, we were set out to try to become friendly with Ala Mhiga.

Which led us to Meffrid, whose clanmate was dying, but the townsfolk couldn’t do anything for him. How tragic. I suppose I could do something for him. Here’s his medi–he ran away? Okay, I’ll go find him.

We then returned to Little Ala Mhiga with tidings from Meffrid which got us the in we needed. Gundobald told us of a Masked Man who’s been seen near Little Ala Mhigo and asked us to investigate. So we did as commanded. One of the people we chatted with was Wilred. Chaide and I looked at each other after investigating him and said, “He’s the one, and he’s going to realize he did wrong, and regret it, and make it up to his people.”

And then Wilred immediately tried to attack us. We reported back to Gundobald, who sent us after the lot of younguns who were making trouble and probably going to get themselves killed.


What really got to me was a short dialogue between Bertliana and Gundobald.

It alludes to the fact that Bertliana has been raped (possibly even gang-raped), but Gundobald really doesn’t have any emotional dialogue about it. In fact, after you go around investigating what the young folks are up to, only one character has any outrage at the fact aside from Wilred. And that’s another un-named female. Not to get on a tangent about anything, but that just really left a terrible taste in my mouth.

If you’re going to put something like that in there, have appropriate responses, or leave it out altogether, Developers.

Fighting the Amalj’aa

So, anyway, now it’s time to go catch up with Wilred and see what trouble he’s gotten into.

Uh-huh. Of course you are. Every one just like you is.

Infant Imp

We made our way over to Ul’dah to utilize Chocobos to get back to Minfilia, and as we entered town, a random person (Quinn Faberry was their name) randomly opened trade with Chaide and gave him an Infant Imp for no reason. Just to be exceptionally nice, it seems. Which is amazing! I don’t think any other game we’ve been in has someone randomly done something like that.

So, thank you, Ms. Faberry, for continuing to make our Final Fantasy experience a pleasant one!
After turning in at Minfilia, I was really just tired of running around constantly for the main story, as it was starting to feel a bit… stagnant. It’s the same thing every time. So please, somebody tell me it gets better and a little less repetitive? I still wanted to play a bit, though, so Chaide suggested we do Toto-Rak again, and we did, with a very nice DPS and Healer. We’re both level 28, so it isn’t long now, until we can pick up a second class… finally!
I’m looking forward to what our Monday night FFXIV shenanigans bring this week.