Meeting with the Resistance

Meeting with the Resistance

Newbie Blogger Initiative

Yesterday marked the first day of May, and therefore, the first day of the Newbie Blogger Initiative for 2015. What is NBI? Well, Belghast did a really great write-up of what it is and why you should participate in it over at MMOGames, so check that out!

What does it mean for the blog? Well, it means that I’ll hopefully be posting a bit more. Especially since Murf at Murf Versus has come up with a, well, challenge, essentially, called the #NBI2015Safari that I’m looking forward to participating in.

I do have to say that completing NBI may be a bit of a challenge for me this month, because I have so many IRL obligations. But I’m looking forward to the challenge of working in the time, possibly pre-writing posts to put up (I hate scheduling them, because then I forget to post them via social media, and I like doing that), and finding other times to write them. Like maybe trying to write them on lunch again (if work slows down a bit, that is).

Meeting with the Resistance

On Monday, Chaide and I spent a few hours putzing about in Final Fantasy. We started off continuing our progress on the main storyline. So, we were set out to try to become friendly with Ala Mhiga.

Which led us to Meffrid, whose clanmate was dying, but the townsfolk couldn’t do anything for him. How tragic. I suppose I could do something for him. Here’s his medi–he ran away? Okay, I’ll go find him.

We then returned to Little Ala Mhiga with tidings from Meffrid which got us the in we needed. Gundobald told us of a Masked Man who’s been seen near Little Ala Mhigo and asked us to investigate. So we did as commanded. One of the people we chatted with was Wilred. Chaide and I looked at each other after investigating him and said, “He’s the one, and he’s going to realize he did wrong, and regret it, and make it up to his people.”

And then Wilred immediately tried to attack us. We reported back to Gundobald, who sent us after the lot of younguns who were making trouble and probably going to get themselves killed.


What really got to me was a short dialogue between Bertliana and Gundobald.

It alludes to the fact that Bertliana has been raped (possibly even gang-raped), but Gundobald really doesn’t have any emotional dialogue about it. In fact, after you go around investigating what the young folks are up to, only one character has any outrage at the fact aside from Wilred. And that’s another un-named female. Not to get on a tangent about anything, but that just really left a terrible taste in my mouth.

If you’re going to put something like that in there, have appropriate responses, or leave it out altogether, Developers.

Fighting the Amalj’aa

So, anyway, now it’s time to go catch up with Wilred and see what trouble he’s gotten into.

Uh-huh. Of course you are. Every one just like you is.

Infant Imp

We made our way over to Ul’dah to utilize Chocobos to get back to Minfilia, and as we entered town, a random person (Quinn Faberry was their name) randomly opened trade with Chaide and gave him an Infant Imp for no reason. Just to be exceptionally nice, it seems. Which is amazing! I don’t think any other game we’ve been in has someone randomly done something like that.

So, thank you, Ms. Faberry, for continuing to make our Final Fantasy experience a pleasant one!
After turning in at Minfilia, I was really just tired of running around constantly for the main story, as it was starting to feel a bit… stagnant. It’s the same thing every time. So please, somebody tell me it gets better and a little less repetitive? I still wanted to play a bit, though, so Chaide suggested we do Toto-Rak again, and we did, with a very nice DPS and Healer. We’re both level 28, so it isn’t long now, until we can pick up a second class… finally!
I’m looking forward to what our Monday night FFXIV shenanigans bring this week.

6 thoughts on “Meeting with the Resistance

  1. Right now, you are in the worst part of the story and it unfortunately lasts until the level 34 quest with only a few good lore bits between it. You just need to push yourself through it and it ramps back into the good lore wise.

  2. I'm so glad it gets better soon! Chaide started losing interest after Ifrit, and I started losing interest after doing Toto-Rak for the first time. Why is it that the level 20s stuff is the hardest content to get through in any game? Haha.

  3. It's very obvious that SE was padding the story at this point. I would honestly just focus on it and power through that section. It really helps get through it since it is fast if you do it as quickly as possible (don't skip dialogue though).

  4. Yeah, we're going to try to power through the last bit to 30 soon, and take a break to level our second classes. Then back to the main story. And we never skip dialogue.

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