One Year of WildStar

One Year of WildStar

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the official release of WildStar. One of my guildies posed a question on the guild forums, asking:

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had in Wildstar? Regardless of if you’ve been here since the start of beta or just a couple weeks.

I think this is a fabulous question, and I hope that many other folks that play WildStar decide to answer it.

From the official WildStar page.

For me, one of the most memorable experiences has been just having a way to happily spend my time with new friends, and old ones. We brought some friends over, and some stayed, and others didn’t. But we met many new friends in the process.

All of the events that Black Daggers have helped put together over the past year (ThaydFests, Lifestyles of Nexus contests, the guild birthday party) have been memorable, as well. Even being on the coordinator end, it’s been a blast to see the fun the community has as a whole.

I think that’s the biggest thing for me–seeing the WildStar community grow and put together events on all the servers–not just Entity. It’s wonderful to see the community snowballing and taking on content creation and event hosting of its own.

And while there are quite a few folks that are highly-adamant fans (I refuse to use the term “fanboys”) on the WildStar forums that will chase off naysayers, I do think that there are a vocal bunch that will speak logically and intelligently, and passionately about things that should be fixed, and things that would be nice to be fixed. I’m hoping with the F2P movement that we will see more of this.

I think overall it’s difficult to choose one particular thing that’s made the biggest influence on me, or has been the most memorable. There’s lots of little snippets–some of which I’ve mentioned, and some of which I haven’t. Some of these memories have been good, and others may not have been. But all of them have been memorable, and have helped the guild and me as a player develop into what it is/I am now.

2 thoughts on “One Year of WildStar

  1. I love the art style, personally. It's been the only game since WoW to captivate my attention with its character design and environment.

    However, my absolute favorite part about Wildstar is crit-killing things into salsa. Have you ever punched a rock so hard it turned into steaks? I have, and it was awesome!

  2. It's a great art style. I know it doesn't appeal to some folks, but it definitely appeals to me.

    I sometimes forget about the crit-killing thing because a lot of the time I stand in Thayd doing guild-related things. 😛

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