Haukke Manor

Haukke Manor


I haven’t been online/gaming much the past week and half, really. I had an opportunity for a new position with the company I interned with fall into my lap, and had to complete a project as a part of the interview process. I’m excited to see if I progress to the next step. I know I have cheerleaders in my corner there, so I’m leaning towards the positive.

Cake or Death

Last night was my first night back in-game since, well, Memorial Day, really. So almost two weeks. Good grief. Anyways.

The last time Chaide and I played FFXIV, we had gotten the quest to unlock Haukke Manor, but we thought it would be fun to try to take on this guy.

Yeah. We ended up dead and back in Limsa. So last night we headed back out to the Central Shroud and found the entrance.


So, I totally didn’t post any of the screenshots/story leading up to Haukke manor from when we last Met with the Resistance. Ergo, here’s a screenshot dump. 😉 (Possible spoilers ahead!)

I think the story is finally starting to pick back up a bit!

The Manor

A guildie joined up with us, and we pugged a final spot as we headed into Haukke Manor. It was a tad difficult to tank as I am not yet level 30, so I was having aggro issues. Regardless, it was a lot of fun, and I’d love to run more of them! Special thanks to our NIN and healer for being patient with me (and Chaide for holding off on DOTing everything until I had sufficient aggro).

Much as we are getting into the main story, again, we think we’ll work on hitting 30 with our current classes, and then cross-classing and leveling to 30. Then pick the main story back up. Any suggestions on quick-but-fun ways to level our second (and any following) battle class(es) to 30 and beyond?

Random Shots

As we’re nowhere near ready for Heavensward, we figured we’d pick up the Digi CE content instead of the expansion (until we finish the main story, sometime by the end of the year), especially since we think it might go away once Heavensward comes out. We also hit the big-eye-mount prize for subbing! Doesn’t my Roegadame sit so lady-like and cute on it?

4 thoughts on “Haukke Manor

  1. Great to see you made it to Haukke! Probably one of my favorite dungeons in the game.
    So, here's some good news, your second class will not take as long to level as your first. Why? Because any class you have that's lower then your higher gets more experience. My advice is quests, leves, FATEs, hunting logs, challenge logs, and Guildhests.
    Some other good news, (presumably but could just be that way no matter what) if you have Heavensward installed, every main scenario quest in A Realm Reborn will give double experience, you will receive gear in post 50 quests so no gear grinding, you will be able to enter dungeons and trials with LESS players if a premade and no level syncing if you choose to, AND if you queue for a dungeon or trial for the first time you get priority.
    Only for A Realm Reborn content but basically once Heavensward drops, you should be able to play from the beginning of A Realm Reborn to the last quest of A Realm Reborn without having to do any or many side quests.

  2. In my experience, battle-leve and guild-leve quests are the way to go to level the quickest between 15-30. I find that I like to do battle-leves from 15-20 in Drybone (Eastern Thanalan) and then there's a guild-leve guy there also that will take you from 20-30. Depending on your GC rank, the guild-leves can get you a level every 8-10 quests, and each one takes 3-5 minutes, is all, so you can knock them out very quickly. You also get weekly challenge log bonuses for completing 5 different leves and 20 total leves so that's a nice bump as well.

    Downside of leves is that you you can't do GC leves in a group, not even your chocobo companion. On the other hand, they give lots of GC seals…..

  3. Hm, we'd most likely stay grouped, so I guess doing battle leves as well as running a bunch of FATEs as we come across them (and trying to do as much of our log as well) will help.

  4. We think we'll choose an area and do the starter quests, and just kind of go from there–hit up dungeons and such as we hit the level, and work on FATEs and logs.

    Maybe we'll have to pick up Heavensward sooner than we think for the boosts. But at the same time, we'll still need to do all the content anyway, and the hard part is just the travel (at least for us).

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