Of Skeech and Jabbits

Of Skeech and Jabbits

Skeech Shaman

Last night was a fairly chill night in WildStar. I worked on some guild management stuff, and then helped out some guildies with attunement by running a Vet Siege of Tempest Refuge and a Vet War of the Wilds. A Skeech Shaman happened to drop in the WotW run, and I won the greed roll!

Lookit him! Isn’t he so cute! I mean, as cute as a Skeech can be, anyway. Plus, he’s just as tall as my Aurin.

Strain-Corrupted Jabbit

I also ended up procuring a Strain-Corrupted Jabbit from the guild bank. While I was dropping dyes that were repeats into the bank, I saw a Jabbit sitting there, and according to the logs, he’d been there over a week. From what I’ve read, he’s one of the more common drops that most folks have handed off to alts already.

But, since I’m not an MMO monogamist by any means, I didn’t have him yet. But now I do. While he’s not my favorite model (because anything Strain-related is kind of creepy and shudder-worthy to me), I do think it’s cute how he looks around when he stands on his back legs.


We also ran a quick Protogames to get the shoulders for a guildie who’s back from hiatus, and to help a few of us get some more challenges for attunement on them. I’m hoping to get in a few more runs and then I can start working on my DPS version. I did get enough Glory to possibly purchase a tanking helm, so that’s nice. I plan to look at that and fiddle with my Glory vendor sometime this week.

First time trying this room out. I got to be the beacon runner!

Screw this room and the robots.

Tonight we have a guild RP event, and the devs apparently have an in-game surprise for folks tonight at 9:30 EST. So I’ll be staying up for that, and taking lots of screenshots. I’m interested to see what it is. I hope it’s not imminent death by Rowsdower or something

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