Attack of the Anniverserowsdower

Attack of the Anniverserowsdower

The Lead-Up

All I have to say is to those that say the “game is dead”… they need to take a new look. There were multiple instances of Thayd at one point. I had to /join on Chaide and then Sync to Group so that I could be in the same version of Thayd he was.

The Announcement

To Coldwater Gulch! (aka The Taxi Train)

Yep. The taxi train. There were so many people, it was so neat to see everyone!

The Anniverserowsdower

So, apparently if you clicked on the Rowsdower, you got turned into one, and could mount up and such as a Rowsdower. Which looked really cool. Sadly, even when spam clicking the Anniverserowsdower (in between screenshots, of course) I didn’t get turned into one. So I was a bit sad. It even turned Demonic at one point!

My Thoughts Overall

I was very excited for this event. And overall, I enjoyed it. I do think, however, that it was a little lacking. I was disappointed that I didn’t get turned into a Rowsdower, despite spam-clicking. I was a little aggravated at the lag, and the fact that this was more than likely a stress test. Which is fine, and a lot of folks assumed it would be, but it still made me a bit sad.

I don’t think that there should have been items given out, but I do think that everyone in the area should have been turned into a Rowsdower. The end just seemed… lackluster. Boop! Anniverserowsdower goes poof and then three minutes later a Realm Broadcast shows up. It didn’t end up seeming like much of a celebration.

I know that a few years down the road, I’ll be excited about it again, remembering the feeling of excitement of everyone gathered around, and the GIANT. FREAKING. ROWSDOWER!

EDIT June 12, 13:16 EST: Ah, apparently I missed a bunch of fireworks at the end. (And I also found out some of my guild members were glitching out and got stuck in the water and radiation and had to be group summoned out of the area.) I’m sad I missed the fireworks, now! I had to turn my graphics down to even be able to take screenshots without lagging out. Fireworks would’ve made it for me!

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Anniverserowsdower

  1. Fireworks across the whole freaking sky!!!!! I had fun, too…it was great to see everyone…the lag was awful, but I wasn't really doing anything anyway.

    I was on my stalker and the lag resulted in me going stealth at times and I couldn't find me in the crowd. 🙂

  2. OH I MISSED THE FIREWORKS!!! Okay, it must mean it's time for a new graphics card!! lol.

    I know DD came out and said it was not meant to be a stress test at all, but ended up being an impromptu one on their end, haha.

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