Chissy Chissy Makes Me Happy

Chissy Chissy Makes Me Happy

Best Title Ever

I think this is my best blog post title yet. 😛 I was listening to and some other DDR music just before I hopped into SWTOR. So the title just kind of had to happen. And then I giggled for a long while.

So, post over the weekend seem to be my foible in blogging. I’m trying to think of solutions. I want to get ready for Blaugust, haha.


This weekend I spent a bunch of time playing around in SWTOR outside of chores and some TSW and WildStar.

In WildStar, I spent time attending the Nexus Best Dressed Gala. I was unfortunately late because I was out running chores and there was terrible traffic. The trials and tribulations of working in Atlanta. It was a bunch of fun, so thanks to the folks who put that together for the Exiles on Entity! I loved the special costume rounds they had, haha. Make your bed, Croog!

I also ran a few adventures and dungeons and a bunch of contracts. On a normal STL run with my baby Warrior (who is becoming a new favorite alt over my Slinger), the Pelbot pet dropped off the first boss and the guy who won it passed it over to me to send to Chestnut. Chestnut hasn’t opened her mail since, but I’m excited to learn him, and I’ll be sure to post a picture!

I also ran Bay of Betrayal for the first time on live. The purple tanking claws happened to drop and have now replaced my iLevel 55 claws! Thank you to the other two stalkers in the group who passed on them for me. I also picked up a tanking helm from the Glory vendor. Now that I have a bit more purple tanking gear, it will make it a tad bit easier to rune the set with a lot of the purple runes I’ve picked up via contracts. Speaking of contracts, I got to the third out of fifth tier for PvE. Getting close to one of my June goals!

The Secret World

So, Chaide, myself, and our friend Cam have been recording a play through of The Secret World. It’s on my list of things to do for June, and I’m hoping to use my lunch breaks on work from home days to start getting those together. We played a bit through some of the Savage Coast area and did a bunch of the League of Monster Slayers quests. I love their lore, it’s pretty cool. The developers of TSW did a great job with dialogue and such. I feel like the game is still pretty underrated compared to the offerings.

Stronghold Time!

The majority of the weekend was taken up with Star Wars. I’m starting to dig the game, mainly because the professions, sorry, “Crew Skills” are great for “AFK days”. But I digress. One of the first things I did when I logged into game was to pick up my stronghold! I picked up the one on Dormund Kaas because it was the cheapest, though I think I want the one on Tatooine.

I tried to put down some furniture, but found it highly confusing. Housing, no matter the game, is not a strong suit, so I’m going to have to spend some time finding either guides on YouTube or spend some serious time putzing around to put things down.

I know some folks I’m playing with (Chaide included) are saving their companion quests for later on, but I’m really digging Kaliyo, and I love all the scenes with her–I can’t hold off on them! Besides, I always get confused what is what, so I end up doing them anyways. Ah well.

I really hope that Jhi’salith can marry her later on! Her attitude totally meshes with the way I play my Agent, so it’s a lot of fun.

Death by Lord Jadus

Chaide and I spent a bunch of time going through quests in Kaas City as well as working on our main storyline quests. Which seems to be the only way to really earn XP at the way we’re leveling, currently. Probably from that huge XP bonus that’s going on until fall. I did comment to Chaide that the game doesn’t feel very friendly to leveling with a friend at all. Unless you’re the same class or something.

Learning more about being an Imperial Agent was interesting. The best part, however, was when I told Lord Jadus that I wouldn’t bow down to him. Not once, but twice. And he kicked my ass on purpose. I hope that this is one of those actions that comes back and changes the story a bit for me. I’ve heard certain choices do this. Loyal as my Chiss is to the Empire, she is not interested in their religion, by any means.

Revanite Camp

We made it to the Revanite camp, as well. Their story is quite interesting, even if they are quite… fanatical. I’m kind of wary of them. Especially since there’s an expansion Shadow of Revan. I haven’t looked into spoilers much as I want to, so I’m interested in seeing what’s up with them. We didn’t get very far–we’re at the “steal the mask” quest, but I’m sure we’ll get back into TOR soon.

Okay, so, Alt-Z hasn’t been working to hide my UI in cutscenes like this when I really like to take photos. Any folks have a solution?

4 thoughts on “Chissy Chissy Makes Me Happy

  1. A fun journey so far. Love how you can come up with a character, and the options usually let you play close to that in SW:TOR. Stay true to the Empire, hokey religions and ancient weapons are no good to a highly trained agent.

  2. The only thing I find baffling are how I feel like a choice I make is dark side because of the intent behind it, but it's a "light side" choice. Buh? Yep, that's exactly how my Agent feels. 😀

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