Secret World Fun

Secret World Fun

The Secret World

Last night, we hopped into The Secret World and played for a good chunk of time before it was bedtime. We started off checking that we’d finished all our quests in the general vicinity before moving over to Innsmouth Academy.

We found out that indeed! We had missed one from John Wolf. So we went to talk to him about Jack.

So we went to go seek Jack out and see if we could do something to take care of him.

We did our best, but he’ll still be around town for a while, yet. I wonder if there’s quests later on where we can take care of him for good…

We then headed over to the Academy and did a fair number of quests there. I think we finished out two or three side quests, and three main story quests? Including the one where you escort Carter. Man. Screw escort quests. I figured out what to do fairly quickly, but even though the guys knew what to do, they still had some trouble. Escort quests are totally the worst.

Oh! I also had a complete geek-out moment! I found out that Jeffrey Combs does the voice of Hayden Montag! Chaide was like, “Oh, he’s in the Reanimator, but you’ve never seen that. So I doubt you know him.” (Which is true, I’ve never seen the movie. I plan on it… eventually…) But I knew the name was familiar. And I’m fairly decent with faces, so I knew if I saw his face I’d know why his name was vaguely familiar.

Lo and behold… IT’S WEYOUN FROM DS9! Suffice to say, I totally geeked out… I’m excited to complete his quests!

We won’t be logging in again until the weekend, most likely. Which makes me a tad sad, as the anniversary starts tomorrow!

Anniversary and Other News

Friday I ended up listening to The Streaming Ones at work, and it was actually really interesting, and a lot of fun! I’m looking forward to seeing some of the quests they talked about in details (they also mentioned a UI revamp coming, though no ETA), as well as the Three Year Anniversary event! (And I’m looking forward to at least listening to the next one, again!)
Some of the cool things you can get from the Three Year Anniversary event include…

A spiffy costume.

A lava lamp (which looks really neat!).

Or a Scooby Bike!! I want a Scooby Bike so very badly! It looks so cool! I can totally see Vina pimping that. Sadly, there’s no word, yet, on how these will be obtained, though I’m sure there’ll be an event or quests or such to go with them. Regardless, I will totally update on if I get anything!

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  1. We have yet to go do any of the Golems, but we're looking forward to hopefully getting some in, soon! We have stood about in Agartha here and there, and gotten some clothing, which is fun. 🙂

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