Gaming Goals Review: June

Gaming Goals Review: June

So, I started something new at the beginning of this month where I decided to set some gaming goals for myself and then see how I did with them, because I’ve much less time than I’d like with real life cropping up and all that jazz. So, let’s review how I did with them!

WildStar Goals

  • Reach the max tier of both the PvP and PvE contracts by the end of the month (I still have yet to max them since they came out)
  • Max my rep in the Crimson Badlands and Northern Wastes (The first two daily areas. And no, I still haven’t finished maxing the reps.)
  • Finish out my PvP DPS set (purples)
  • Finish runing my PvE Tank and DPS sets (I need to stop putting this off, as now I’m starting to use it as an excuse to not run content)
  • Take care of my massive list of guild management-related items (Good thing we have Officers to help delegate!)
  • Find some more folks for Yardcore Nexus and have a video for every week this month 
  • BONUS: Finish filling out my Outfitter tree
  • BONUS: Complete Attunement
  • BONUS: First Raid!



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach level 10 CUL
  • Reach level 10 ALC
  • Reach 35 MRD
  • Reach 30 GLA


  • Reach level 15
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!




  • Play some more to get past the first few quests
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog

My Thoughts

Let’s tackle my thoughts by game, shall we?

I had a lot of WildStar goals I got really close to–I have an almost complete set of purple PvP gear (DPS), and I’m almost maxed with both original daily reps. I’m also very close to maxing out my contracts. I completed runing my DPS set, and was almost done with my tank set until I got a new piece. So now I’m stuck re-runing again. Which is a tad of a pain, but worth it for the upgrade I got.

I got through a massive back-log of guild-related items, and just have one more left that I plan on taking care of this weekend (does Lifestyles of Nexus ring a bell to anybody? 😉 ). Due to real-life, I cut back on my Yardcore schedule. However, I did put up Episodes 56, and 7.

I didn’t get to Outfitting because things are buggy. So instead, I just reported a lot of outfitting bugs. I’m sure if I keep poking them they’ll get fixed, like a few of my Cooking bugs, did. I got two “bonus” items as well. I ended up finishing attunement and getting in on my first raid in WildStar, even though they weren’t original goals.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in WildStar, so I didn’t get close to any of my FFXIV goals. So they will more than likely remain the same for next month. We shall see. I’m enjoying it, but my time is spread thin with the move, lately. So it’s been more of a “What can we do together with the limited time we have and smash faces?”.

I got close to a bunch of my SWTOR goals. I even logged at about level 21 last time I was on. However, I’m not really enjoying SWTOR as much as I am TSW and FFXIV. So priorities might change, depending on my mood. Chaide, however, is loving SWTOR way more than I am, so I might still end up there on occasion with him when he wants to play his Bounty Hunter.

As I said, I’ve been enjoying TSW way more than SWTOR. So you might see some more goals up. However, it’s a little harder to determine goals there, because, well, there’s no levels. While I didn’t get any videos up on the blog this month, I’ve been working on the video layout and converting the hours of gameplay we’ve recorded into a format my program will read. So maybe in July I’ll get one or two videos up!

Torchlight. Well… I just haven’t had the desire to make videos. So uh. We’ll see if they stay on the list or not.

Overall, I think I did a pretty decent job laying out goals and reaching them. I do think, however, I may need to be a bit more realistic with them based on my play time for this past month, and the real-life stresses I know are coming this coming month.

Expect a post in the next day or so laying out my goals for July. July may be a little slim considering we’ll be traveling for a full week, as well as prepping to move as our slum apartment complex was bought out by the city and we get to move earlier than our lease is up (yay!).

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