F2P Information Cometh!

F2P Information Cometh!

Almost Twenty-Five

No no, not me. Bauxyte! Bauxyte is my Baby Warrior. I’ve been waffling on which alt I want to level next, as I keep discovering some are more fun then others, then changes come out, and a different one is more fun than another. But I always seem to come back to Bauxyte in the end. She’s not the first alt I rolled. In fact, she’s pretty much the most recent one.

But there’s just something about a sassy Granok lady in heavy armor, no?

Tuesday night was a normals night I set up. We ended up running just one STL and one KV while I was online, but it was pretty much all just toons at-level, and no level 50s helping out. Which made it a tad more challenging. But a lot more fun.

I even got a pretty baller shot of the final boss in KV.

Free to Play News

Last Thursday, Massively posted an article from E3 with some more Free to Play details. Other sites, like MMOGames, had details as well.

Suffice to say, there’s a lot of stuff coming down the line! I was originally going to write a whole big spiel on what I like and what I’m wary about. But, the more I sit on it, and the more I listen to the devs, the more I’m excited for the Free to Play transition.

Yes, I know, there will be some rough patches, but for a game I love to survive, a lot of these changes are going to help it do so–and become even better.

There were also announcements that Wildstar is going to be heading to China! The original article can be found here, and WildStar-Core also did a recap.

The biggest thing, though? THOSE PETS! I WANT THOSE PETS! And it looks like we should be getting them…

@manuchaudemon @jeremieldridge @Jazzy_Gaming More info will be coming on that. Don’t worry, we know you guys want ’em. 🙂

— Kristen DeMeza (@TisCaydiem) June 25, 2015

@jeremieldridge @Jazzy_Gaming Wait until you guys see them in motion. (And don’t worry, those fellas aren’t just for China.)

— Kristen DeMeza (@TisCaydiem) June 25, 2015

Strange Tales from Outer Space (a WildStar podcast you should check out) recently had Caydiem on as well, and she had some cool things to say about the game, and hint at for what’s coming in the future.

Stream Part II

Yesterday, there was a stream where they covered (again) the changes coming, and answered some questions.

In particular, Steven Engle (Meerkat), covered stat changes in a Reddit AMA. Which is, admittedly, a huge topic of debate for folks. While I do have some hang-ups on the stats, I’m hoping things are going to go well. Meerkat is pretty adept at what he does, so I’m going to trust that things won’t get too “dumbed down”. (I’m also working on an article summarizing the AMA for QueueTimes, so look for it in a few days! EDIT: You can now find the article here.)

Dungeons are getting a bit of tweaking, and there’s going to be group content to level through instead of questing, if that’s your cuppa. Honestly, I like the questing, but I am glad that there’s more content streamlining for the guildies that do like to get some dungeon-time. Especially since it gets the guild Influence. 😉

I am, however, excited about Alpha-Sanctum! It’s going to be the new level 15 dungeon, and introduce a lot more of the start of the Drusera quest-line early on, which is actually one of my complaints with the game..

As for the Sprint changes? I’m not as sad as I originally was. You can still use Sprint in combat, but you will have to use the default key for it. Otherwise, out of combat, you can toggle it on or off for a constant buff. My big concern was if Sprint was going to be pointless in Combat.

There were some updates on the Loyalty program, but nothing more than things they’ve released in various articles and such.

They also covered quite a few questions that were a tad difficult to keep up with (being at work and all), but they usually load the Streams up on YouTube later, and I’ll link to it if they do.

In particular, I’m looking forward to the Deep Dive articles that the CM and Dev team will be putting out for all of the changes. They’re what I’m looking forward to the most.

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