Gaming Goals: July

Gaming Goals: July

Trying this out last month seemed to be helpful to me in those waffley “I don’t know what to play!” whiney moments, so I’m going to try it again this month! You might notice that this month the lists are a tad shorter. The reasoning behind this is (1) we’ll be on vacation for about nine days, and (2) I didn’t get through a bunch of things, so I’d like to try to make the list a little more tackle-able.

So, without further ado, my gaming goals for July!

WildStar Goals


  • Reach the max tier of the PvP contracts for the first time ever
  • Reach the max tier of the PvE contracts for the first time ever
  • Reach max reputation in Crimson Badlands
  • Reach max rep in Northern Wastes
  • Complete purple PvP DPS set
  • Complete my AMP (55) and AP (48) points
  • Check runes on DPS set/Rune tank set
  • Put up Yardcore Nexus twice for the month
  • BONUS: Improve DPS rotation for raid if I’m going to be the Frenzy buff-er


  • Reach level 30
  • Armorsmithing up to level 30 gear



  • Reach level 20 MIN
  • Reach 35 MRD
  • Reach 30 GLA


  • Reach level 15
  • Run some dungeons with Tal and Chaide!


  • Reach level 30 (Jhi’salith)
  • Reach level 20 (Jadz’iaa)
  • Access my personal ship
  • Try out the ship PvP
  • Max 1 of 3 professions to 400


  • Get to Blue Mountains
  • Run Hell (dungeon)
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog!


  • Play some more to get past the first few quests
  • Start getting LP videos up on the blog

There you have it! Come August I’ll revisit the list and see what got done, and what didn’t. And once again, re-evaluate based on where I’m at in games, and what I have planned for the coming month!

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