Not Dead Yet

Not Dead Yet

Goodness gracious, it’s been a bit since posting. But that’s what a busy vacation does! This is more of a real-life focused “micro-post” (as much as I can write a micro-post, anyway), so read or don’t read–it’s your own discretion.

Friday was a Bachelor party for Chaide, Saturday was a car insurance debacle over a silly small paint transfer (and cops being really mean–it kind of ruined my day) as well as a Pre-Wedding hangout, and Sunday was a wedding. We also had to get packed, bring the dog to a friend’s house because they’re being awesome and watching her, and get the cats ready for a week alone.
Monday we dealt with some flight delays and flew into Madison, WI. We spent lots of time hanging out with Chaide’s BFF (who we consider more his sister, considering they’ve known each other over 20 years already), her husband, and their son (~20 months old), who clung to us the entire time we were there. He loved his Uncle Chaide to death while we were out sightseeing (and at the pool), and had a blast hanging out with me at home. 
I also put together an article over at QueueTimes on the TSW DevStream, The Streaming Ones, from last Friday, July 10th. If you’re interested in the changes they’re implementing (which are a lot of awesome ones!) for Issue #12, check it out! It was a fun way (legit!) to spend an evening in our hotel. Because I really do enjoy gaming that much.
Tuesday we went over to the House on the Rock, and I now really have to get a copy of American Gods to read it. It was such a neat place! Though it was a lot of walking around, and a very long self-guided tour. Completely worth it, though! We also played some games after our nephew went to bed, specifically Love Letter and Tokaido. Both were fun. People who hate on Love Letter for being “simple” or “easy” or what-have-you, have not taken into account extremely long days with children, and then mixing in some alcohol after they go to bed. It’s a nice game for when you don’t really want to think too hard, but still want a little strategy or logic-based puzzles.
We also hit up this amazing restaurant in Madison square before we left on Wednesday night (they were lucky enough to have a baby sitter have some time free last minute) called Harvest. The menu was amazing! We enjoyed dinner, and a walk around the Square before heading back to the hotel.
Thursday we spent some more time with them before flying out to Seattle, WA. We got in yesterday, a tad sleep deprived, and then spent a bunch of time hanging out with our friend Tal. We met Tal back in EVE Online when we first started playing, and then started up Black Daggers with him. He’s since moved onto FFXIV (over on Lamia), but we stay in touch, and try to play with him on his server any chance we get.
Tonight (after I take a quick nap when I’m done dealing with a possible car loan to get me a nice used car), we’re going to get in some drinking and play some Eclipse, which we happened to pick up to do some gaming tomorrow night with a few of his friends. We’re also going to go to a nice steak place for dinner, which is exciting.
Quick update on Hero’s Journey – I did Days 1 and 2 in the pool Monday and Wednesday, and today I’m going to work on Day 3. Being on vacation and dealing with planes and airports has limited my time, but even if I’m not getting it in every day, I’m making sure to try to complete the days as soon as I can. Once we get back home, I’ll be able to do them daily. Considering we’re on vacation, I still think I’ve done pretty damn good!
We fly back home to Atlanta on the redeye Sunday midnight PST (3am EST), and then it’s back to work on Monday.
My game time may still be limited, though, until we move into our new apartment. There’s just still so much to do, but that’s another post for another time.

2 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

  1. Glad you liked House on the Rock. I went many many years ago and it was great. I'm in Minneapolis and grew up in Wisconsin/Minnesota so I know Madison well.

  2. It was really cool! Oh nice! I'm thinking of applying at Epic next year. Let Chaide get in a year of teaching, and apply as his school year finishes.

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