Yeah! Game Time!

Yeah! Game Time!

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The Secret World

Both Monday and Tuesday I got in about an hour of TSW. I’m really enjoying the game, especially since I’m starting to get into some quests I haven’t done yet! The three of us playing finished up Red’s quests and have started talking to Sarge in the camp directly into the Mountains, and we did one of the Sasquatch quests, as well. They’re so sweet and make sweet noises! I think they’re some of my favorite creatures out in the world, so far.

I’m also hoping to finally get the first Let’s Play video for our romp through TSW up sometime this week(end). We started recording these back in May, so I have a hefty backlog (with some of our play sessions clocking in at over four hours), so there’s no lack of video to be had!

Chaide and I started playing with the purpose of recording Let’s Play videos, but it’s awesome that one of our guildies from Daggers (who’s not currently playing WildStar) decided to join in. I feel like three is the perfect number for our play style.

We won’t be playing TSW tonight, but we’re hoping to get some time in on Thursday, and maybe late Friday night after Chaide and I go to a nerd bar (based on Twin Peaks!!!!!) in the area.


I hadn’t planned to log into WildStar last night, but I had hopped up to say goodnight to the folks in channel and remind our raid leader that I’d actually be there for raid tonight. They were running a dungeon, but one of our guildies wanted to try to get Metal-Maw (the one in Deradune) because it was the only world boss he hadn’t tried yet that didn’t constantly glitch on him.

So, I signed on and we smashed Metal-Maw in the face. There was a high-level medic that tried to flag a bunch of us so he could try to kill us, but he underestimated our secret weapon (aka our raid leader who’s an epic player regardless of what his gear-level) and promptly got his ass handed to him between Paws and Dahk.

So, folks got Dahk attuned! Hurrah!! I’m hoping he’ll be able to attend raid tonight after he gets out of work. It’s farm night, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue if he’s a bit late. Which reminds me, I should really re-watch the video on Phagemaw as he’s our current progression boss…

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