Kuralak Down

Kuralak Down

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Last night I got to hang out and raid with the guild, which was a lot of fun. I enjoy the raids in WildStar, but quite honestly, I think I burned myself out on raiding back in the WoW days. Doing two days a week is almost tedious, and doing it weeks in a row is not something I get great joy out of like I used to. So I’m kind of glad that I take it slow with raiding. Regardless, I really did have a lot of fun! Got to run with some folks for the first time, which was great!
And I got Kuralak down for the first time! The guild has successfully downed her about three times now, but it was my first time seeing her hit the ground. She’s a really tough fight, and I’m interested in seeing how the guild will handle her once the devs fix the whole “Engineer Strategy”.
I also got down a new mini-boss for the first time: Fetid Miscreation. And… I also kind of made out like a bandit on gear with three purple pieces–two for DPS, and one for tanking. I’m not really looking forward to re-runing everything, especially right before F2P drops with all new runes. Maybe I can make use of the few I have sitting around in my bank, and just fill in with some cheap purples for now so I can at least take advantage of the tokens when folks get refunded for runes.
I’m looking forward to seeing Phagemaw for the first time, Saturday. He looks like fun!

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