Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

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Over on the Blaugust Nook, there’s a thread going with various and sundry writing prompts, and I thought I’d tackle one of them, especially after someone was asking about a certain type of app on Twitter, the other day. The prompt comes from Void of A Green Mushroom:

What is your favorite smartphone app and what is so awesome about it?

You may or may not know, but I’m a…

I may or may not have an addiction to podcasts. And I’m the type of person that likes to listen from the earliest available cast, too. I have over fifty casts I’m following in the app (3.6k episodes left to listen to…), and playlists going every day to listen to as many as I can during my work day.

It’s a great app full of tons of features for the free version. I don’t know that the paid version gets you much more on the features, but it does get rid of the non-intrusive ads on the bottom.

What I like in particular about the app is that you can do a basic search from iTunes, or directly add RSS (and YouTube) feeds and URLs, add your own downloaded content locally, browse networks (like NPR and BBC), discover from trending and top categories, as well as obtain suggestions based on what you’ve already downloaded. Oh, and you can also add videos you follow, too. Granted, I don’t use that section at all.

My favorite feature, however, is just being able to download episodes I’m going to listen to the next day, create a playlist within the app, and listen throughout the day so that I don’t have to waste my data. It also works really well via WiFi streaming, but I spend about an hour in the car each way to work (when I hit traffic) so I’d rather have a downloaded playlist I rotate daily.

I’ve tried out a lot of podcast apps, but this is the one that’s robust in features for Free compared to a large swath of the others. (And the UI is attractive, too.) If you like podcasts, and are unhappy with your current method of consumption, or looking for an app to listen to them, I highly suggest checking out Podcast Addict.

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