I’m Zatanna!

I’m Zatanna!

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A few weeks ago, the Wildcast Podcast was hosting a contests to give away some NA and EU codes for the Fancypants jacket. So I decided to try my luck! And, well…

Congrats to @ggchestnut for winning a Fancy Jacket from our first giveaway! #WildStar

— Wildcast (@WildcastPodcast) August 19, 2015

*SQUEE* I got lucky! So I finally had the time to add it to my costumes the other day, and uhh, it’s pretty freaking awesome looking!! Of course, all I could think was…

I totally look like Zatanna!

Yeah, I know, it’s not perfect. But whenever there’s another costume contest on the server, I plan on saving my base look (which hasn’t changed since character creation) and going with smaller ears and some different hair and skin-tone. I’m also contemplating adding the Poohbot Fez, as she’s better known with a hat, but I don’t get the right vibe from it–especially since it can’t be dyed any other color than the red it already is. 
Granted, if I could ever find a way to get my hands on an NA code for a Fancy-Pants Top Hat from Gamescom 2014, I think I’d die of happiness. Because… it’s a freaking top hat!
Regardless, I plan on enjoying the crap out of my new Zatanna costume. This is the first costume (aside from my main one) that I’ve really had a lot of fun putting together. 

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