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Transmog and Trial of Style

Transmog and Trial of Style

Transmog and Me

This one was both “Epic Purple” and “Everyday Hero”. It’s Chest’s consistent transmog.

I’ve never really gotten into transmogrification in WoW. The biggest reason is that it got introduced into the game back in November 2011—about a month before I quit playing WoW for a long period, and moved over to EVE.

Then from EVE (which does have some pretty awesome character customization, despite the lack of ever really seeing your character), I hopped over into WildStar. Even in WildStar, I didn’t get too fancy with my costumes, outside of my Zatanna attempt.

WildStar has a pretty freaking stellar costuming system that a lot of games should take notes on. I hold WildStar up as the epitome of costume customization. Easy to save your current character look via copying a code string so you can come back to it. And then you can pretty much have unlimited costumes, if you’re willing to buy the slots for them. Another cool feature in WildStar—if your plate wearing toon obtains some plate, you can costume it onto a non-plate wearing toon. Sold!

So when I came back to WoW, and I was interested about getting into transmog, it felt clunky and annoying compared to what I was used to. So I just kinda… didn’t.

Strike a Pose (Vogue)

Shaelee’s “Summer” themed outfit

That’s changed a little bit since I tried out the Trial of Style on its most recent round through town. I’m still not one hundred percent sold on transmog, but I’m a bit more willing to try to play around with it if inspiration strikes me.

Participating in the event was fun, but kind of stressful, in a way. I have a clothie (Macadamia), two mail toons (Shaelee and Hazelnutt), and a plate toon (Chestnaught) that were easy to cycle through. The leather is where I had a difficult time.

Both of my high-level leather toons are toons that I no longer play, nor plan to play, except for maybe grabbing the initial 500 Timewalking badges on occasion. They sit there, at the bottom of my character list, and I do nothing with them. So choosing one to participate in the Trial of Style was difficult.

My outfit which kind of feels like a tribute to Aquaman!

I ended up choosing Chestnut, and using the same costume for all the competitions just to get them out of the way and get the gear, but I’m very proud of her costumes. I do need to roll up a new Druid and Monk, though, so I have leather toons. Maybe I’ll make them Highmountain Tauren.

I had more fun than I thought I would at the Trial of Style. I’m still not sold on transmog overall, but I’m willing to give it a bit more of thought and start really collecting items for it.

I’m Zatanna!

I’m Zatanna!

This is post 22 of 31 for the Blaugust event. To check out more Blaugust posts and sign up to participate, visit the Blaugust Nook!

A few weeks ago, the Wildcast Podcast was hosting a contests to give away some NA and EU codes for the Fancypants jacket. So I decided to try my luck! And, well…

Congrats to @ggchestnut for winning a Fancy Jacket from our first giveaway! #WildStar

— Wildcast (@WildcastPodcast) August 19, 2015

*SQUEE* I got lucky! So I finally had the time to add it to my costumes the other day, and uhh, it’s pretty freaking awesome looking!! Of course, all I could think was…

I totally look like Zatanna!

Yeah, I know, it’s not perfect. But whenever there’s another costume contest on the server, I plan on saving my base look (which hasn’t changed since character creation) and going with smaller ears and some different hair and skin-tone. I’m also contemplating adding the Poohbot Fez, as she’s better known with a hat, but I don’t get the right vibe from it–especially since it can’t be dyed any other color than the red it already is. 
Granted, if I could ever find a way to get my hands on an NA code for a Fancy-Pants Top Hat from Gamescom 2014, I think I’d die of happiness. Because… it’s a freaking top hat!
Regardless, I plan on enjoying the crap out of my new Zatanna costume. This is the first costume (aside from my main one) that I’ve really had a lot of fun putting together. 
Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Not too long ago, I talked about housing being one of the most robust features in WildStar.  Well, I neglected to talk about the costuming system as well, especially after the Holo-Wardrobe addition in the latest drop (Drop 5).
While I love the things people do with their costumes, I’ve never been good at putting them together. I pretty much run with one costume that’s my main, and a few I kind of switch out, but those other than my main took forever to put together. And my main costume? I’ve had it since, oh, level 14. Yep. It hasn’t been changed since the first few months of the game. That’s how much I stink at costuming.
But some of the guildies do an amazing job with costuming! Sheae, for instance, is sporting a cute “pretty in pink” look, and Positive is pulling off a pretty awesome Iron Man in the background.
It’s awesome seeing so much creativity in-game with the costume system! Maybe one day I’ll take the time to sit down with a list of dyes to collect them all and work on changing out some costumes.
Fit Geek Friday – MMOs

Fit Geek Friday – MMOs

I’ve recently joined a blogging link-up called Fit Geek Friday, hosted by B.J., and Void, this blogger initiative is all about geeks interested in fitness of sorts, get together and share links, and talk about awesome things for the week.

#FitGeekFriday is a way for all of us to meet new friends, find new health, fitness, and geekery blogs, and immerse ourselves in a growing community of people who care about all the same stuff we do.

Participation is simple!

Use the “Add A Link” button below to leave a link to something awesome you wrote at your website, click into someone else’s links, comment, and make new friends! #FitGeekFriday is about bringing together the community of geekery-loving fitness junkies, so get out there and be social!

Join in the link love in the widget at the bottom of the post. And you can find more information here, if you’d like to participate.

This week, the topic is MMOs.

Well, how apropos! I play MMOs! And do I have news for today!

First, while I’m late to the party, I’d like to share that OMG WildStar has confirmed Shade’s Eve for this year!! *Squee* Who doesn’t like a good holiday event?! I’m excited to see how WildStar improves upon the standard “here’s a quest, get a holiday item”. Though, I don’t mind those too much, either, if they’re steeped in lore as WildStar’s events seem to be.

And we all know about the announcement of cool items out of WildStar box copies, right?

It was payday today, so I stopped to get a box for myself and for one of our dearest guild members who is an EU player with a NA account and can’t buy boxes in her zone for the items. Chaide declined a box, and said that he’d just love to get any duplicates I end up with. So, I thought it would be fun to post some screenshots of the things I get!

Gotta add some pep to the WildStar speculation I’ve been posting, right?

BAST: Transmogrify Me

BAST: Transmogrify Me

This week, the BAST is all about Transmogrification and Void Storage. If you’ve been living under a rock, you can read all about both of them here and here, respectively. Please, take your time.

According to, to Transmogrify means:

to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.

Well, the definition doesn’t exactly match up what Blizzard has in mind with Transmogrification, though I’m sure some players will take it that way. The two items Blizzard is so excited to share with us link directly hand-in-hand. And something that a lot of players have been asking for for a while–extra storage. Whether it be for tabards, old gear, new gear, holiday items, trading card game items, profession-related items… we want more storage. That’s one of the reasons I take up one of my ten character slots with a bank toon with its own guild bank–I’m a packrat.

Now, while my main’s bank and personal bags are not as full as they were a few weeks ago thanks to a clean-out prior to 4.3 news (where I deleted quite a few things I now want to go back to collect again…), it’s still pretty damn full.

I personally, am both excited and turned off by the ideas presented by Blizzard regarding 4.3. I am ecstatic that I will have more bank slots available (80, by my research, though I’m hoping it will be more) for more gear. I’ve always been a big gear collector and RP set creator, and hate it when I have to get rid of something that I find pretty. Or that I enjoy the references to, such as Linken’s Boomerang and the dagger, Stung.

And while I’m excited to be able to wear my old gear as new gear for Transmogrification, there’s a few items I’m unhappy with.

  1. Druid sets, overall, are kind of ugly to me. Also, I’m a Bear. When on earth am I ever going to see the pretty outfit that I put together and spent all that gold on?
  2. “That cloth dress is so much prettier than my leather jerkin.” I’m sad that I won’t be able to wear some of my RP sets around on a daily basis with them being my normal gear.
  3. The eventual, “I look like everyone else” gig.
  4. The lack of being able to transmogrify Legendary weapons. If you put the effort into grinding that that out forever and ever, you damn well better be able to use it more than one tier.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly excited about Mogging, as the community seems to call it now (though I prefer Transmog). However, I still have reservations. We’ll see what Blizzard’s finalized details are, and make judgements from there, though.
What do you guys think of transmog? Could you care less? Are you bursting with a new fever for gear? Let’s hear it!
BAST: Favorite Weapon

BAST: Favorite Weapon

This past week, Kallixta‘s Shared Topic was proposed over at BA:ST:

I was comparing a new upgrade to my older item when it struck me how much I liked my old item. Like is wonderfully subjective and I hope others will explain their measure.

Is your favorite weapon something with strong memories for you? Is it something that just works well for RP purposes? Or maybe the balance of abilities meshes better than normal to your spec and play style?

I have to admit… I should belong in Too-Many-Weapons Anonymous or something. I’m huge into collecting pretty weapons when I see them while raiding–whether it be new or old content. I just love collecting sets of gear and weapons that look cool together. So, this topic for me was a bit of a hard one to decide upon, partly why it’s late. I had a lot of bank bags to go through on Chestnut! But, I finally decided on two of my absolute favorite weapons…

Back when Ulduar was the end-game raid, I was healing on Rayvynn and had a tank off-spec for the random and highly rare nights that one of our tanks couldn’t show. The first time we downed Kologarn, I saw the Spire of Withering Dreams and fell in love. I lost the roll to a hunter in the guild, and it never ever dropped again–ever. After ICC released I switched servers and rolled a completely new druid (with the Elephant)–Chestnut. We really wanted to do Ulduar, but by the time we hit 80, the Lich King was out, and we were doing random nights striving to kick his ass. But we swore that one day we’d go back to Ulduar. And that we did.

The past few months, the guild has been working on getting anybody interested their Rusted Proto-Drake (which many of us did last Friday, and many more will today!). We make it a point when we do old content to leave Group Loot on so that people that find something cool, or find something they had always wanted but never gotten, can roll Needs, and those that don’t care can pass, Greed, or disenchant. Anyway, we’ve been kicking Kologarn’s ass (or lack thereof) fairly regularly, and It dropped. I totally squealed. Luckily I was the only one that wanted it and I grabbed that little sucker up. I’d go around more often with it on, but, I really want my Cenarion Raiments from MC to go with it… I mean, who can resist?

Chest with the Spire and the Cenarion Raiments, which the Elephant has agreed to help me get. Yay!

Speaking of Molten Core… it houses another weapon I’ve lusted after since I ran my first Molten Core fun night at level 70 back when I played Alliance and healed on my Dwarf priest. Finkle’s Lava Dredger dropped, and I swore that one day, I would have a toon that would be able to use that sucker.

Lo-and-behold, Chestnut got that puppy on the second time it dropped on one of the guild’s MC Fun Nights (the first one was won by a fellow guildie’s Druid alt). Yeah, I could have bought the Heirloom…but… where’s the fun in that when you can have the original?!

I need to make an outfit like this to go running around with my Dredger. Sadly, though, Chestnut is not an Engineer. So I’ll have to find some other cool glasses…