So You Want To Be A Gladiator

So You Want To Be A Gladiator

Monday night, Chaide and I hopped into Final Fantasy for a bit. We had initially wanted to do the Anniversary event, but decided instead to spend some time working on picking up our new classes. Chaide is picking up Conjurer, and I’m picking up Gladiator to level up to thirty. Then, he’s going to continue with Conjurer, and I’m going to switch back to Marauder and we’re going to level those to fifty.

Our plan is to purchase Heavensward when we hit fifty, and then finish through the 2.0 and 2.5 storylines so that we can get some XP out of it.

So, I picked up my Gladiator quests, and leveled through the completion of my level 5 quest. We’re going to level in Gridania in between class quests, as I’m not particularly fond of Ul’dah. Though, eventually, I’ll go back and do the quests in the surrounding area because I’m a completionist.

Myllia struck me as very Lawful-aligned. Probably Lawful Good, though I don’t know much about her character, as of yet. Except that she’s riled up by another gent I met later on.

One of the first quests I was sent on was to take care of some Limsan Marauders who are causing trouble in Gridania. Well, excuse me a moment! As a Marauder, I take offense to how the Gladiator quest is portraying us Limsan Marauders. Especially as a Roegadyn since all of these were Sea Wolves. (Granted, I’m not a Sea Wolf, but still!)

As I went to go confront Pfarmurl to give him the what’s-what, I ran into a new friend.

Whom Pfarmurl seemed to be quite intimidated by.

It must be the sword.

Later, Pfarmurl. Maybe we’ll have that chat about representing Roes correctly next time!

I found out that my new friend’s name was Aldis. And he just tickled my fancy as a guy who’s very in it for himself, and a total skirt chaser. Well, maybe leaning more towards ladies man. Regardless, he’s very “Han Solo” in his demeanor.

But the Proprietress, Momodi, told me that I shouldn’t mention Aldis to Myllia. She wouldn’t go into details, but mentioned, “She doesn’t need this sort of drama,” and “Let’s just say some folk ain’t good for one another.”

Well, color me intrigued! I think I might want to continue this story more than I thought I would! I’m hoping all the stories are a bit more intriguing than Marauder was at first! Honestly, overall, Marauder seemed very slapstick/corny comparitively. I’m looking forward to level 10!

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