Fantasy Weekend

Fantasy Weekend

Pets Galore

So, while the Lag Boss has been fierce as of late, I’ve spent some time going through my bags and learning all the neat things I’ve gotten as Cosmic Rewards. I’ve ended up with a Corrupted Eldan Probebot, a Disco Snoglug, a Friendly Furrelope, the Li’l Beast, and an abso-freaking-loutely adorable Warpiglet, who is totally my favorite.

Well, he was my favorite, until a guild member found this cutie (see left) in a lockbox from a dungeon and sent him to me because they, “don’t do collectibles”. His name is Commander Paws. I call him Commander Cutie! He’s very expensive if you search for him on the Auction House, so as a payment, I’m helping said guildie get attuned. I think that’s a fine deal, and that I’m totally getting the better end of the bargain!

I’ve also gotten some mounts, and dyes, and all the in-game shinies have been pretty awesome! But I still feel that my Cosmic Rewards Points are off, so I might have to sit down and do the math. I’m probably wrong, but I’d rather be safe than sorry, because I know some of my SKUs from the box copies weren’t counting even with beta edits.

Blogs of Nexus

I’ve started a new weekly column called Blogs of Nexus, where I highlight the blog posts that have been made daily about WildStar. You can check out the first post here, and if you don’t see your blog, or a friend’s, that wrote about WildStar this past week, please pass their blog link onto me so I can make sure they make it into the next roundup!

Leveling Extravaganza

Because WildStar just wasn’t playable with all the lag, Chaide and I spent some serious time in Final Fantasy last week and this weekend. We took our “baby” classes from 14 to 21, did our level 10, 15 and 20 quests, ran Sastasha, Copperbell, and Tam-Tara a few times, and ran Halatali for the first time… twice!

Sylver also got me the Bomb Dance just because she felt like it, which was totally sweet, and I love it to death. Now I just need to be able to use Glamours… and at some point we should make an effort to unlock the esthetician… because I seriously need a new ‘do.

Gladiator Story

I’ve been enjoying the Gladiator story quest up to where I’ve done it. I kinda saw the twist coming, but it was still a good one. Also saw the “prior realtionship” coming, but I was glad it was so, and hope maybe they’ll get back together. The Ninja Miko’te was interesting, though a tad cliche. The battle also gave way to some seriously awesome screenshots.

Victory!! Or… wait…

Oh, that look of utter disgust on her face was perfect.

While cliche, she was still a badass and made me want to roll up a Ninja soon.

This guy, though… I’m interested in learning more of his back-story.

Especially because of that sword.

Oh man, Mylla’s determination to figure things out and make them right. I feel so bad for her and everything she’s currently going through. Aldis, too.


Halatali was definitely straight forward, and kind of boring, in a way. The fights were all pretty much tank-and-spank, but that did make it easier to eat dinner while I was just spamming three buttons. And the “spamming” is nothing like I’m used to with WildStar, so it was a nice pace. I honestly wouldn’t mind running it again with a different class to use it as a level-buffer.

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