Long Term FFXIV Goals

Long Term FFXIV Goals

So I’ve seriously gotten into FFXIV all of a sudden. I think a big part of that is because Chaide has stepped back from WildStar (I’m hoping he’ll write a guest post as to why, because he puts it so very well), and has picked up FFXIV as his main game.

Another big part of it is that I’m feeling a little burned out on WildStar. While I still love it, and it’s still my favorite game, the growth the guild has gone through, as well as some growing pains, have made things a tad bit more “job-like” as of late. I’m hoping it calms down this week, some, though. I’m also feeling a little bit overwhelmed because in trying to implement the changes people wanted for future ThaydFest events, we’ve had a lack of volunteers. So I’m about to say “Fuck it” and do what we’ve always done and seek out the folks I know do things for the server and see if they’ll run events.

Uh, this might have also happened, too…

We may or may not have gotten one day free shipping on these because it was cheaper than digital download… #FFXIV pic.twitter.com/VtQj4vpfBs

— Chestnut Stonebough (@ggchestnut) October 10, 2015

Just for the XP bonus sub-50!! *ahem…*

It’s a great game, with lots of goals for me to pursue. Especially as an alt-a-holic. Though, I’m sure it helps that you need secondary (and even tertiary) classes for specific spells to be able to cross-class (Which I’m still figuring out… what spells are best for what? How do I do it again?), etc.

One of my goals is to eventually hit 50 (and thus 60 as cap has increased with Heavensward… but let’s start with 50, shall we?) on every single class, including crafting and all that. So, here are my goals listed out in full for where I want to go eventually. And yeah, they’re split up and stuff to utilize cross-class abilities…

Things might change a little as I go depending upon what/how Chaide and I decide to level. He might want to level Thaumaturge, for instance, for his tertiary skills, in which case I’d pick up Pugilist and go to town. Then again, things just might change on a whim in general based on the gear I have in my bags and what I need to level through (for instance, I have about six different bows currently in my bags… so maybe ARC will get bumped up!).

Disciples of War and Related Jobs

  • GLA 30
  • Obtain WAR, level as main Job
  • GLA 34
  • PGL 46
  • LNC 15
  • Obtain MNK
  • LNC 34
  • Obtain DRG
  • Obtain DRK
  • CNJ 15
  • Obtain PLD
  • CNJ 34
  • ARC 30
  • Obtain BRD
  • ROG 30
  • Obtain NIN
  • Obtain MCH
  • WAR 60, assuming not already completed
  • DRK 60
  • PLD 60
  • DRG 60
  • BRD 60
  • MNK 60
  • NIN 60
  • MCH 60

Disciples of Magic, and Related Jobs

  • ACN 15
  • Obtain WHM
  • ACN 34
  • Obtain SCH
  • THM 26
  • Obtain SMN
  • Obtain AST
  • THM 30
  • Obtain BLM
  • ARC 34, assuming not already completed via BRD
  • WHM 60
  • SCH 60
  • SMN 60
  • AST 60
  • BLM 60

Disciples of the Land, and Hand

I think this is pretty straight forward until after level 50 for leveling. So much so that I may bounce around back and forth amongst everything assuming I’m feeling a particular crafting or gathering binge coming along. What I’m worried about is the post 50 crafting. I’ve heard horror stories about it, but I haven’t found much in the concrete-facts department on what the heck specializations are (or are they still in?), or if being an omni-crafter like I want to be is still a viable thing. (I don’t want to do it for the Gil, I want to do it for the completionist thing.) So if anyone knows of good resources for DoH/DoL in Heavensward, it’d be much appreciated. 

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