Event Horizon

Event Horizon

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So in raid last night, we came to Gravitron’s room, and a guild member, Marlis, just casually mentioned that the room reminded them of Event Horizon. I’ve only ever seen Event Horizon once, and it was creepy as fuck. But I’d definitely watch it again.

Honestly, the only thing about the room is a somewhat out of place is the globe in the middle with moving rings. We don’t really see Eldan items like this around. I wonder if it’s the Genetic Archive itself? But, why would one put it on the first floor by the “piddly” bosses? Shouldn’t it be with Ohmna?

I also wonder if the Devs tasked with creating the vibe for the Genetic Archives raid pulled from Event Horizon for the ambience of the room, or if they just kinda said, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a big floating ball in the middle of the room for no reason?!”.

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