Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service

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Head’s Up! If you haven’t finished The Secret World’s 2012 Samhain content, there will be spoilers in this post. B’ware! Because, really, the story is amazing and you should be playing it through!

Anyways, the other night, we grabbed a fourth friend and worked for a bit on the Samhain 2012 quests in The Secret World. We spent a very large chunk of time running around to zones Chaide and I have yet to experience (we’ve only just arrived in the Blue Mountains) to pick up herbs and such to craft a specific herb mix to summon The Cat God. It really does want to make Chaide play some more Secret World overall, so that makes me happy! Well, until I’m unable to pull him away from Fallout 4. Which I managed to do successfully last night.

Anyway. We got to the part of the quest where we found the stone to rend, and figured out we had to pray and use the incense. So we did. But randomly, mine didn’t complete. I prayed, used the item, and nothing happened. I could see the portal, but my quest wasn’t complete. I was kind of upset based on how long we spent running around.

So Cam and Chaide suggested putting in a ticket. So I put in a petition, expecting them not to be able to do anything, and having to go run around to recollect the items. I’d have done it. Honestly, I try to be practical in these matters when I put in a ticket, because you don’t know what GMs are able to do (or not do).

I got a very quick response, which I wasn’t expecting. I was thinking I’d be waking up to an email, in all honesty. But, things went very well.

He made sure that my quest completed, and then did his obligatory “Your ticket is closed” spiel. But I was able to complete my quest and move on!

#IntPiPoMo 2/50

#IntPiPoMo 3/50

#IntPiPoMo 4/50

Thank you, TSW, for having such great GMs who are polite and helpful. I’m hoping Chaide has much the same experience in retrieving some pages for the 2013 Samhain quest…

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