Gaming Goals Review: October

Gaming Goals Review: October

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I started this back in June 2015, and have been keeping up with it this past month. I reduced my goals the past few months due to real life, and I think I started getting things to a reasonable goal list. But, we’ll see in a moment.

#IntPiPoMo 5/50 – What did the cards hold for October?

WildStar Goals


  • Collect some more mini-pets
  • Reach max reputation in Crimson Badlands (& last bit of Northern Wastes)
  • Work towards completing my AMP (55) and AP (48) points
  • Put up recorded Yardcore
  • Complete all achievements in Celestion
  • Start getting up plat resources for runes (ugh)
  • Participate in zPrix International event, and Halloween event!! (ACHIEVEMENTS) Completed

All Toons

  • Log in Completed
  • Check mail Completed
  • Organize bags
  • Organize personal bank
  • Check if things to use in guild bank Completed



  • Level 20 BTN Completed
  • Level 10 MIN Completed
  • Level 30 GLD Completed
  • WAR job Completed


  • Log in
  • Level 10 ARC


  • Reach level 25 (Jadz’iaa)



Such lofty goals, hah. If I thought September was busy, October completely trumped it. I never did get into SWTOR for the month. I have kept up-to-date with the launcher, though, so I’m more likely to hop into it when I feel like it.
As for FFXIV, I think it’s what I played the most this month. Granted, I also set myself goals that were easily attainable, overall. I never did log onto Lamia. I don’t know if I want to level two characters through the main story, quite honestly. So even though Tal is over there, I’m none-too-keen to level even a second character through the main story. It’d almost feel like splitting my time with another game, even though it’s the same one. If that makes a lick of sense.
We’ve played a fair bit of The Secret World as of late, mainly to work on the Halloween content, but Chaide has also found himself enjoying it far more than when we first piddled around in it back in March. The only problem with TSW playtime is that we need to try to work it around the schedule of the three of us (some months are a moot point because Cam is traveling for work). Sometimes our friend Moon will hop in with us, too, if she’s around, but she’s not really one of the core folks we work times around.
I’ve been playing lots of WildStar, but I haven’t had the time or energy to do much outside of guild leading and prepping for ThaydFest 3 (which is in about a week and a half). Actually, I’m kind of stressing out about it, haha. I’ll be ready for a nice relaxing break away from WildStar over Thanksgiving weekend! Oh, wait, nevermind, I’ll be running a guild Harvest Party. Suffice to say, December might be a bit slack in the WildStar department.

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