Hell Hath Come

Hell Hath Come

Hell Raised

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A few Fridays ago, Chaide, Cam, and I decided that we wanted to get a Hell run together in The Secret World… finally! I vaguely recall running it before back when we had originally played, because I remembered a few boss mechanics.

We grabbed Moon (whom you’ll meet later in videos as I get them uploaded… which I should do soon!), and one of our FFXIV FC-mates who gladly came along for the ride.

Overall, the dungeon was a lot of fun! We’re confused why some of our lore is missing, though, but our FC friend said there are other versions of Hell, so there’s possibly some lore hiding in there? But what really got me was that the cut-scene just… ended so abruptly! It was really weird–it felt like there should be more to it!

The Scenery

Despite being a part of Hell and having some really creepy Rakshasa and other demonoids, the scenery is quite gorgeous.

#IntPiPoMo 22/50

#IntPiPoMo 23/50

#IntPiPoMo 24/50

The Characters

We learned more of one of the characters that has a very cool quest associated with it, though the demoness we run into seems a tad tacked on. Maybe I’ll need to go back and re-do the quest line to understand why she’s there, as we ran Hell so much later than finishing the associated quests. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool tie-up aside from the abrupt ending. (#IntPiPoMo 25-32/50)

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