New GPU Meets Garuda

New GPU Meets Garuda

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New Graphics Card

Here’s the stats. What is priority upgrades? We can’t do everything at once. Thoughts, IT folks?

— Chestnut’s Roasting (@ggchestnut) November 19, 2015

#IntPiPoMo 33/50 (Hey, I took the screenshot! :P)

Chaide and I have been searching as to how to beef up our computers. Not too long ago, I posted on Twitter asking for advice, as well as within a group of friends whose opinions I regard highly. We ended up deciding to get the NVIDIA GTX 960 for each of us, and the boxes themselves looked super sexy.

#IntPiPoMo 34/50

Chaide wanted to use my computer as the “dummy” computer to try putting it together first, so I unplugged it all, and he started working on installing the new card. I had to make a run to the store to obtain some compressed air. The insides weren’t too groady, but since we had them open, we figured it was best to blow them out.

Oh man, when we opened the cards up we were kind of awestruck, and we both commented on “how huge” the graphics card itself was. Now, for those with newer cards, you’re shaking your head and going, “Of course it’s that big. How could you think otherwise?” Well, we were replacing cards we’d gotten at least three years ago.

Old card on the bottom. New card on the top. Troll cat for scale.

— Chestnut’s Roasting (@ggchestnut) November 28, 2015

#IntPiPoMo 35/50
So yeah, there’s that. But I’m excited at how awesome everything looks on the new cards!

Kaijo Diablo

So every time we get an NVIDIA card, there’s always some sort of deal going on. I mean, we don’t get the cards for the deals, so they’re a nice bonus. This time, the deal was a Kaijo Diablo bundle–we get both the Hero and the skin with the card.

#IntPiPoMo 36-37/50

Which makes us obviously download and want to play the game. So we’re going to give it a try, and have someone willing to help us get a Cho’gall each to play with, which is also super cool. The only problem?

@NVIDIAGeForce @nvidia Bought two GTX960 and trying to redeem second UNCLAIMED code, and getting this error message

— Chestnut’s Roasting (@ggchestnut) November 28, 2015

#IntPiPoMo 38/50

Uh huh. Sooooo I’m waiting impatiently to hear back from NVIDIA on what the fuck is going on.


But after installing the cards, we hopped into various games, and spent a large chunk of time leveling and working through the MSQ in XIV. I have a lot of posts half-written about the story that I’ll get to posting at some point, but I really wanted to share the new and pretty screenshots we got last night of everything!

THERE ARE SPOILERS, so b’ware if you’re not into the level 42-ish MSQ yet!!

These pictures are #IntPiPoMo 39-81/50.

… Really?! … C’moooooon.

Wait, what? He’s a Garlean? And I didn’t know every Garlean had a third eye… though that explains some design choices, now.

Flashback time!

Oh shit. So his Dad is the one that caused the Reckoning or whatever it’s called? OHSHIT. And I need to know more about this Gaius and why he decided to take Cid under his wing…
They’re baaaaaaaack!

Hold the phone. Is there something I’m missing here? How did I give him the goggles? Am I a time-traveler? Did the Echo use my likeness so he would be more willing to help me later on? What’s going on here…

This fight was ridiculously fun!! We died a few times until we figured out spells and such (like that cast she does without a telegraph? That threw me off…). But I really loved how much more difficult it was. Though now that we know what to do, I’m sure we’d smash her to pieces in one go.

Talk about a literal “death glare”! Time to pull your soul out of your chest, lady!



AHHHHH! I need more story! GIMME GIMME!

Tonight’s plans, assuming I don’t fill a missing spot in raid in WildStar, is to work on our hunting logs and try to unlock Dzemael Darkhold. We just need to bump our rep up two more notches in the Grand Company, so we’re going to work on our logs a bit. That way we can run the dungeon to bump up our EXP fast so that we can continue with the story. Ohhh man, it got good again!! I pretty much sat there slack-jawed as I watched and listened. I’m so excited to get to 50 and work my way through the patch stories!

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