WildStar’s Tutorial Island

WildStar’s Tutorial Island

Last week, there was a focus test on the WildStar PTR to try out the new player tutorial/experience. For testing both the Exile and Dominion you would be rewarded with a hoverboard before it became available in-game. Which is pretty nice motivation.

Test the new beginning tutorial on the PTR and get the Junkyard Dog hoverboard. Details: https://t.co/zNiCDcY8nX pic.twitter.com/12WH8GsoVK

— WildStar (@WildStar) April 5, 2016

So here’s my thoughts and some pictures in a nice little list.

Some are faction-specific, and some are not. I was originally thinking of splitting it up for factions, but it is essentially the same thing on both sides, so it made no sense to try to separate it.

  • I love the animation in the opening scenes, and I can’t wait to hear the dialogue!
  • I had a difficult time interacting with various nodes (for instance, the hoverboard ones), as players are unable to perform the interaction the same time as anybody else. This started to create a queue issue.
  • The hoverboard thing is awesome! Love that you’re capitalizing on one of the best things about the game, and that you’re doing it in the style of the zPrix to help folks become familiar with it early.
  • There could be some more information on what telegraphs are, and why you’re interrupting them. There have been so many times I’ve had to explain the MOO (Moment of Opportunity) concept to folks, and why it’s so important to interrupt (aside from the “typical” reasons for interrupting). So covering the MOO concept (and how you deal more damage during this period) would also be beneficial.
  • There’s nothing about double-jump!! Or dodge rolls!! Or path quests!! These are important things! Super important!
  • The new boxes that show up for tutorial things are much better at drawing attention instead of blending into everything like they do now.
  • The housing plot (at least on Exile side) was super laggy. It took forever for the objectives to become active, even when standing in front of them. This may also have been an interaction issue, but it was extremely difficult to tell.
  • It felt much clearer on the Dominion side that we were getting an “ad” from Protostar in the lead-up to the housing compared to Exiles. It almost felt a bit jarring and confusing on Exile side.
  • The new load screens are pretty snazzy.
  • I didn’t feel compelled to step onto the platform to escape the big bot. Maybe if he rained down some lasers with slow-loading telegraphs (so someone doesn’t die unless they’re trying to) would make me feel a little more urgent to get on the teleporter.
  • Speaking of death, we cover nothing of how the gravestones work, and we’re not introduced to the Cryptkeeper. Cryptkeeper is important. Obviously so, if we fought to keep him in game with a toggle. Maybe address this toggle?
  • I enjoyed all of the lore thrown in, if folks actually decided to read it. Especially the bit that either Artemis or Dorian state about your race and how it relates to the lore.
  • Jeff Kurtenaker rocks it out again with his music. I love the new track on Tutorial Island.
  • It’s interesting that both Exiles and Dominion share the same Tutorial Island. I wonder if this is a step toward the faction wall changing?!

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