Wildcast Ep. 86: WildStar is Steam-ing Along

Wildcast Ep. 86: WildStar is Steam-ing Along

Howdy folks! WildStar has a Steam page, which means things are heating up! Even though we had a fog of technical difficulties to cut through, make sure to listen to this episode, or you’ll be sorry you mist it!

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This week we discuss the Steam release, Arcterra, the new tutorial up on the PTR, some cash shop things, the old and new DevConnects, and more news!

For our community section we take a look at items including Wildweave, ThaydFest4, GamerPhix, RP, and tattoos.

Housing focuses on some new plushies, the WildStar House Tours 50th Episode Celebration, a new monthly contest, and “painting” via housing items!

For our podcast round up, we shout out to /Yell, Aggrochat, and a new guy on the block: SGT Solj.

Cast choice is always fun, as usual! (I also give a shoutout to Geek to Geek cast!)

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