August Gaming To Do List

August Gaming To Do List

She seems a bit overwhelmed…

Yeah, I know it’s Saturday, and August ends on Wednesday. But Legion is out on Tuesday, and there’s gaming things I want to try to finish before that happens. I’m not going to pressure myself, but here’s the list of things I want to try to get done in (mainly) WoW before Tuesday is here.


  • Finish the pre-quest for Redmoon Terror (I need that mount before it’s gone!!)
  • Finish re-runing all the new DPS gear that unlocked with the RMT changes (Tank can wait until September)
  • Get the birthday presents for the folks I’m getting them for
  • Finish Wildcast (I’ll give myself until Wednesday for this one)


Psyn and Fyn have this awesome spreadsheet they’ve been using to prep for Legion, and they let me steal it, so I’ve been using that to help organize what I feel I can accomplish via invasions.

  • Level mining on the Naught (hopefully hit 700, but we’ll see how far I get…)
  • Level cooking on the Naught (again, hopefully 700)
  • Level first aid on the Naught (see above)
  • Level fishing on the Naught (see above)
  • Do a few invasions on the Nut for some gear for her
  • Get paladin to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get hunter to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get rogue to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get mage to 40 (Invasions!)
  • Get warlock to 40 (Invasions!)
  • Run some achievement runs in Wrath and Cataclysm with Chaide (because once Legion hits that’ll be total backburner for a long while!)

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