Wednesday Boredom

Wednesday Boredom


This week has been busy, and I am now just getting to a place where I feel able to blog about events that I’d sort of half-ass pre-written about as they happened.
I’ve discovered through Blaugust, that even when I have the best of intentions and put together thoughts/images in a post as pre-writing, I don’t always get back to it in a timely manner if I’m feeling overwhelmed, or that I just need downtime. Which isn’t a bad thing to discover about my blogging habits.
Heck, blogging 2-3 times a week isn’t a bad goal to keep towards, especially with my busy schedule. It feels manageable, and like it’s something I can continue to do. And if I post more, cool! If I barely get two posts in… well, that’s cool, too!

When One Doesn’t Raid

This week was a weird one. Monday, I don’t even remember what I did! I don’t think I was able to really settle into playing a game. I think I hopped into both WoW and WildStar for a bit, but I wasn’t really feeling either. I do remember hanging out in TeamSpeak with folks and just shooting the breeze.
Tuesday I had a hair appointment which took longer than expected (it’s normally two and a half to three hours, but it’s DragonCon time here, so she was booked solid and it took me four hours to get my hair colored), so I didn’t really sign on for Legion. Which was fine—I expected things to be buggy and laggy and stuff, so I hopped into WildStar for a bit to get my T3 contract done.
Wednesday was raid night in WildStar… but we didn’t have enough folks to raid. So instead… well, we had shenanigans. A picture is worth a thousand words…

We eventually ran some dungeon groups, but it was fun sitting in TeamSpeak for over an hour joking around and talking and making a Snarfelynx line on the wall and showing it off to Caydiem. Goes to show that sometimes, you really don’t need the game to have content for you and that you can make your own.

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