Final Pre-Quest Thoughts

Final Pre-Quest Thoughts

Obviously, if you haven’t started on the Legion quests, there be spoilers here!! Granted, mainly the screenshots speak for themselves.

To Karazhan

Off to Ulduar I went. I’m so glad I read the comics before going, because this made soooooo much more sense! If anything, I do have a devout dedication to my Dwarf lore in WoW. That and the Dragon Aspects.

It was amazing to go back to Ulduar, because it’s my favorite raid, second only to Karazhan. Which is where I got sent next. And oh, I loved the visualization of Khadgar’s story! I mean, I knew most of it, which was kindly refreshed for me via an episode of Lore Watch (I think it was this one?).

The library sequence was fun. The room brings back so many stinking memories. Being in Karazhan again, and seeing how it’s changed made me super excited, especially since they’ve already announced that Patch 7.1 was going to bring us back there… AGAIN!

To Dalaran

I mean, there really isn’t much to say about the Dalaran quest. It was mainly just Khadgar moving Dalaran over the Broken Isles.

Though it was pretty stinking cool to see all of the council working together to move it. Especially since I saw a Kalecgos in there. And I love the Dragonflights.

All in all, I think the quests were great to introduce what’s going on for the folks coming back who may not know the story of Draenor (I sure as hell don’t!), and for hitting the nostalgia mark for those of us around in Burning Crusade and Wrath.

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