Wildcast Ep. 95 – Meet our favorite Fitch

Wildcast Ep. 95 – Meet our favorite Fitch

Howdy folks, sorry we are late, but RL totally gets in the way sometimes! Anyways, PAX has come and gone, Avid has the PAX pox, and we have an episode for you! Today we’d like you to meet one of our favorite guildies, Cirinde Fitch. Join us and her as we look at what happened in WildStar in the last couple weeks of August.

You can always listen to our podcast over on iTunes, and visit the Mognation website for the episode and complete show notes with links!

Also, of note…

Bahahahahahahaha! Me, making a Pokemon joke on @WildcastPodcast. XD pic.twitter.com/QbWQsBSLKS

— Chestnut (@ggchestnut) August 29, 2016

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