September Gaming Goals

September Gaming Goals

I’ve kind of fallen off the gaming goals as I had originally intended them for many reasons. So I’m just going to continue them as a to do list for the remainder of the year as a way to keep myself focused on what I’d like to accomplish in the games I’m digging at the moment.

Ready to tackle goals in style!

Quick August Review



  • Level mining on the Naught (hopefully hit 700, but we’ll see how far I get…)
  • Level cooking on the Naught (again, hopefully 700)
  • Level first aid on the Naught (see above)
  • Level fishing on the Naught (see above)
  • Do a few invasions on the Nut for some gear for her
  • Get paladin to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get hunter to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get rogue to 80 (Invasions!)
  • Get mage to 40 (Invasions!)
  • Get warlock to 40 (Invasions!)
  • Run some achievement runs in Wrath and Cataclysm with Chaide (because once Legion hits that’ll be total backburner for a long while!)
I did get quite a few levels and profession stuff done on my various WoW toons, but not enough to check off goals. I still feel fairly accomplished, though, especially with WildStar goals.

September Goals

  • Purchase Service Tokens
  • Re-rune DPS set
  • Buy new unlocked tank gear
  • Re-rune tank set
  • Keep pimping Lifestyles of Nexus V for folks to sign up!
  • Make plans for guild/alliance Shade’s Eve Shindig
  • Finish editing Wildcast Ep 97 by the Thursday after recording
  • Put up the last Yardcore I recorded ages ago
  • Complete the class order campaign on my main
  • Complete the Stormheim storylines
  • Unlock Suramar world quests
  • Get Archaeology to 100
  • Get Fishing to 200
  • Get Cooking to 600
  • Get First Aid to 400
  • Get Blacksmithing to 775
  • Get Mining to 650
  • Finish Asagiri’s route in Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
  • Finish one of the routes in Norn9

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