Wilcox Legacy: Meet Willow Wilcox

Wilcox Legacy: Meet Willow Wilcox

Delving Back In

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Back in February, I mentioned that I was going to purchase and play Sims4. And I started to, but never really did much with it. One of my favorite things to do in Sims, besides dressing my Sims up, is to do Legacy challenges. I’ve never been one to be big into building houses (I hate it, to be blunt), and I’m not one to sit there and let my Sims just sim their way through life. I get my greatest enjoyment out of tracking a legacy, and writing it.

Old Legacies

Tamara and Buddy. They were the sweetest couple I’ve played with in Sims to date.

For a while, back in 2011-2013, I was pretty regularly playing Sims3, and had a separate blog tracking a legacy I was working on. A computer crash brought an end to that, sadly. But I also started to feel “meh” about writing it. I had always written my legacies in first person, on separate blogs, and it just became too much.

So I’m starting up a new one with Sims4, but I’m not putting it on a separate blog, and I’m going to try writing it in third person for a change. Making it more story, rather than narration. I’m hoping that since I won’t have to worry about maintaining a separate blog, and letting it be more for fun and a creative writing outlet, that I’ll have much more fun with it. I’ve yet to finish a legacy, and I would very much like to!

Meet Willow!

So, meet the founder of my legacy, Willow Wilcox! I’m running the legacy with the Equality/Modern/Random Succession Law. Enjoy some basic information and the obligatory fashion dump before I begin. Also, is she not fucking adorable?!

Name: Willow Wilcox
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Traits: Bookworm, Cheerful, Good





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