Nov ’17 Gaming Goals

Nov ’17 Gaming Goals

Starting Back Up

This post is a part of #IntPiPoMo 2017. You can find more information and sign up for participate here.

I used to do a thing where I put together gaming goals every month. And then I fell off the blogging and gaming bandwagon for a good while. These gaming goals help keep me from floundering around in gaming, and focus my limited free time so I just don’t sit there and scroll through Facebook.

The Goals 

She’s totally sure they’ll all get done…

Without further ado, here’s my gaming goals checklist.

World of Warcraft

  • “Well Read” achievement 
  • “Friend or Fowl?” achievement 
  • Level a fourth 110 (towards “Quintessential Quintet” achievement) 
  • “Double Agent” achievement
  • “Raiding with Leashes” achievement (Giant Bone Spider, Stitched Pup, Viscidus Globule) 
  • “Raiding with Leashes II” achievement (Netherspace Abyssal, Tideskipper, Coilfang Stalker, Lesser Voidcaller, Menagerie Custodian, Fiendish Imp, Tainted Waveling, Pocket Reaver, Phoenix Hawk Hatchling) 
  • “Turkey Lurkey” achievement 

Secret World Legends 

  • Roll up my Dragon for my new LP YouTube videos


Image by Chic-Pixel

Did I mention it’s #VNNovember for the Community Game-Along challenge? That works out well, considering I want to try to get through the five million dating sims I’ve going at the same time (I’m currently playing Norn9, Sweet Fuse, Period Cube, Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya, Dream Daddy, Pub Encounter, and Seduce Me 2).

  • Finish Mitarashi’s route in Sweet Fuse 
  • Start Urabe’s route in Sweet Fuse 
  • Finish Takigawa’s Happy and Super Happy routes in Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya
#IntPiPoMo Count: 13/50

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