It’s Been a Crazy Week

It’s Been a Crazy Week

Blogging Goals

It has been a crazy week emotionally, physically, and with work tasks. I had wanted to get this post out Monday, but it is now Friday, and I am just sitting down to write it. But that is life. I am at least writing, so there is that. I want to try to keep up with blogging much more than I have after every other blogging event. Especially since I’ve a lot of ideas right now, with posts planned out mostly through July at this point. Right now, I aim to try and put out five posts a week. Here’s my current plan.

  • Sunday: Seriously Geeky Sundays (prompts by Just Geeking By)
  • Monday: Weekend review
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Days off
  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday: Whatever I feel like writing

The “whatever” writing could be more evergreen prompts that I’ve (currently) already planned out, or it could be something spawned by a blog post I’ve read. In that case, the evergreen stuff will just get pushed out farther. Hence why it’s evergreen. We’ll see how this works out for me continuing through this summer. It’s nice to have ideas and even a little bit of energy to want to follow through on them for a change. Using a content calendar is helping quite a bit.

Crafting Time

I spent a few hours relaxing with some Pocket Camp and Cook, Serve, Delicious this past weekend. I know, “relaxing” and “Cook, Serve, Delicious” don’t necessarily belong in the same sentence. But honestly, it’s just the right amount of anxious energy without being overwhelming. And if a stage gets overwhelming, I close it out, or I re-start it in Zen mode. For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing both resource and time management in my day-to-day life for as long as I can remember (thanks mental health!), so it’s not something that’s completely anxiety-inducing when I’ve been using it to help relieve my anxiety.

I also played some Pocket Camp before bed. I’ve been complaining on Twitter about there not being any Switch consoles available for sale. I know, I’m that weird kid that doesn’t have a Switch. I didn’t have the disposable income to pick one up on release, or even earlier this year. Of course I got a bonus check and started making more in adult work just before stay-at-home hit, so now that I have the income, there aren’t any to buy. So to try and scratch the ACNH itch, I picked up Pocket Camp. It’s cute. I enjoy it. But I’m not a big mobile game player to begin with, so I don’t know how much I play or keep up with it. I can barely keep up with Pokemon GO, and I haven’t touched Notice Me, Senpai (which I absolutely ADORE) in months.

Retail Therapy

I had a bit of a tough weekend this past weekend, and ended up tackling my anxiety with some online retail therapy. The last time I did this was in September 2016, and before that it had been years. It’s not a common occurrence, thankfully, but I still feel guilty about doing it whenever it happens. I ended up picking up a collar to go with my LARP costume, a new day collar (and a matching leash), some nail supplies (polish, oil, glass files), some pre-recorded Burlesque classes for the month of May, and a tarot reading from a fellow adult worker I very much look up to as a role model and inspiration.

Her reading really hit me in the gut at the start of the week and it’s been percolating at the back of my mind. I’m hoping to have some time this weekend to truly process it the way I want to, and give her more detailed thoughts and feedback about it other than the both of us crying over it because it was so powerful.

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    1. It’s super cute, and it makes me happy! I just wish I had more desire overall to play mobile games, lol.

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