Writing Challenge: Day in the Life

Writing Challenge: Day in the Life

The Challenge

I came across this challenge, and decided to flex my creative writing muscles since they’ve been dormant a long while. I also figured I’d share the challenge so that others could use it as a topic if they needed something!

Write a short story with the topic “a day in the life” and include these words.

  • Identical
  • Pot roast
  • Decorate
  • Sign
  • Abuse
  • Library
  • Amnesia
  • Butcher
  • Hydrangea
  • Parakeet

My Writing

Spaceship City Alien Ufo Fantasy - prettysleepy1 / Pixabay
prettysleepy1 / Pixabay

Arkady sighed. She rolled over to turn off the harsh alarm abusing her ears with a wave of her hand, and flopped back into bed on her back. Another wave of her hand brought up Arkady’s heads-up-display, hovering in the bed above her.

She scrolled through her to-do list and lazily read aloud. “Decorate the library for Arelle’s birthday. Get Jax to sign Arelle’s card… oh, that will be fun” she mused sarcastically.

“Pick up a pot roast at the butcher. Visit grandma and bring some hydrangea…”

Arkady sniffed back the tears before they started. Grandpa had succumbed due to complications with dementia. It had been tough. But watching Grandma suffer with amnesia due to her cancer treatments was absolutely heartbreaking.

“At least she still remembers her favorite flowers,” she thought aloud wistfully.

Just then Derix and Kasra started chirping and calling for Arkady. “Darn budgies, I at least wanted another few minutes,” complained Arkady. She rolled out of bed gracefully, slipped on her house shoes, and went out to feed her identical blue parakeets and start her day.

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