Levequests, ho!

Levequests, ho!

Coming up with a title is the most difficult part of an entry. My question, before I begin, is: How do all of you bloggers come up with titles that are relevant to the post, and not just parts of it?


Last night, I logged in to do some fishing and relax after doing quite a bit of real life food prep for the rest of the week. Some kindly FC members gave me and hubs some fishing gear, as well as gear for our main classes. We’re so excited to be in such a great home!

When Chaide got home, we leveled from 11 to almost 15. We made our way out to Western La Noscea for the first time and unlocked Levequests. They’re really cool! We enjoyed the large chunk of EXP we got without having to move very far, and the stories behind the Leves were fun. I can’t wait to try out the Crafting and Gathering ones.

We also unlocked Guildhests, though we didn’t have enough time to ask in FC if some folks wanted to run some, based on our bedtime. Next time we’re online, possibly Wednesday, we may ask to run one or two and try them out for the first time ever.


So, I was wondering today if Blizzard still has the 10 day account reactivation trial running. Mainly because I want to see (a) if the account-wide achievements/mounts/pets are still active so I can see what I have/can get easily in 10 days, and (b) look at all the changes that have come to the game since mid-Cata.

Why the sudden interest? Because I have a weird suspicion that it won’t be a sub game for much longer (of course, much longer is more around the 1-2 years mark), based on a lot of the 6.1 feedback. Or at least hopefully offer different payment options as they see plenty of other games roll in the dough with different options (because Blizzard is greedy). Honestly, if they offered a sub model and a non-sub model along the lines of TSW/GW2, I might pick it up and play every so often.

In light of my first question, I also pose another question to you experienced bloggers out there: How do you finish your posts so eloquently? How does one transition into closing statements? I can do it in essays, but struggle here.

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  1. The title is usually my inspiration for the post, though I sometimes rewrite it once the ideas has evolved through writing it out. Otherwise, I try to aim for a pun or something that'll catch someone's eye.

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