Nekkid Baby Protostar

Nekkid Baby Protostar

What exactly is a Naked Baby Protostar, you ask? Well, do any of you remember doing naked raids in WoW?

An Explanation

It’s where you go into a raid (in this case, a level 10 instance) at level, stripped down to your skivvies, and you roll need on items for your class (light needs light armor, heavy needs heavy armor, etc.). At the end of the night, the goal is to see who has the wackiest and most put together outfits. Plus, it’s a tad more challenging than just going in and completely facerolling.

Nekkid Protostar!

In passing, naked raids came up in TeamSpeak about a month ago, and some people commented that they had heard about them, but never run them. I thought it would be a grand time for all if we set one up and tried it out.

We didn’t know what the scaling would look like, so we decided to try the “easiest” dungeon we could think of–the new Protostar Academy.

It’s a lot of fun, even if you think it’s straightforward now, I know I would’ve loved to have had something before hitting Stormtalon’s Lair for the first time (when WildStar first released) so I knew what the hell was going on, and what a MOO (Moment of Opportunity) was, and why they were awesome to have.

Anyways. We decided to try a Nekkid Run last night, and we had a great turn out! We didn’t get as many drops as we expected, but folks had a lot of fun, so I’m going to be setting up a Nekkid Stormtalon sometime next month.

It was wonderful to see so many guildies come out and participate. TeamSpeak was full most of the rest of the night, which was also amazing to see, and made me really happy.


Oh, you want those screenshots? Fine. I guess.

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