Ding 15!

Ding 15!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working from home, so I was able to spend a good chunk of my evening and night in FFXIV.


I did a LOT of leveling of fishing. I got from 14 to 18. Higher than I’ve ever gotten! Ding! 15!

I’m quite enjoying fishing. It’s relaxing. It’s a great way to spend time in game while also getting other things done. For instance, working on the blog (I updated all my pages, including the blog roll!), or watching some Netflix, or cooking dinner, or exercising. It’s something I’ve missed since WoW, and I’m glad it’s back in a current MMO that I’m playing. It’s a huge selling point for me.


Last night Chaide and I both finished out level 15 class quests. Mine, sadly, was just to go smash a big rock, and then a big creature. Uhhh, okay. All that to throw a Tomahawk? Sure.

Chaide, on the other hand, had these amazingly epic cutscenes and storyline, and it was a tad sad based on what I did catch. I’m looking forward to actually leveling Arcanist at some point.


Since we hit 15 (technically 17), we decided to try our first Guildhest. It was definitely an adventure, and I didn’t do all that well until I realized that I didn’t have my AoE taunt available (d’oh!) because it was a level 10 guildhest. But regardless, it was a great experience to actually run with a PuG that was nice! NICE! A PuG! It was amazing! It was great! We loved it! It was refreshing, for a change, to be with a group that was kind. We can’t wait to run some more guildhests.


We also headed out to Aleport for the first time. The scale of this game is amazing. Just the landmass we’ve already covered and it’s not even a quarter of everything there is.


We picked up the first minion quests, which I have been dying to find (mini-pet addict, here). I made sure that they were of the utmost priority before we logged for the night. And I’m so glad I did! How can you say no to this cute little wolf pup?! Chaide enjoys his coeurl better. The cool thing is that the two interact with each other if we leave them together long enough! His coeurl will arch its back and stick up its tail, and my little wolf pup will bark at it.

I’m looking forward to more time in FFXIV tomorrow before some WildStar RP, but tonight, it’s a Veteran Malgrave Trail. Off to go run some!

4 thoughts on “Ding 15!

  1. Do you know if there is much of a reason to fish? I've only ever enjoyed it in Ultima Online and that was because it went hand-in-hand with getting treasure maps to treasure hunt.

  2. You can use most of what you get with fishing to help level cooking. At high level cooking, you can desynthesize non-cooking materials from fishing (stuff not qualified as "crafting materials") to get some other stuff that is for crafting, or so it seems by my little bit of research into those particular items.

  3. Congrats to you! I really love fishing, too, and almost have mine up to 50 on my main.

    I noticed the same as you about class quests. It seems that tanks got the low end of the quality, and I wonder if that's a hold-over from the original version of the game. For example, Paladin quests are really dull and easy. In contrast, Bard, Dragoon and Ninja (especially Ninja) were much more engaging and awesome!

  4. I think most of my weekend will be spent fishing while Chaide works on lesson plans. It's just fun!

    I haven't experienced many others, yet, though I hope my Marauder quests get a tad more exciting. I felt kind of gypped after seeing Chaide's ACN quest at 15.

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