Attunement Done!

Attunement Done!

I’ve been spending a large quantity of time in WildStar since Thursday (though Friday I pretty much just binged on Gilmore Girls, which I’m enjoying, as I never watched it at the time it was on television).

I’ve helped run a lot of dungeons, worked on contracts, reps, and dailies… and I finished my attunement for Genetic Archives!!

I’m glad to be done, honestly. Though the hardest part wasn’t the adventures, or dungeons, or bosses, (though they were are difficult). The most difficult part was finding the desire to finish it. To find a group of people I’d like to raid with, and not just “put up with” or what-have-you.

While there have been some changes in-guild recently, I think we’ve gained some pretty awesome members who are looking for the same type of things the rest of us are. And that’s half the battle.

Having a good guild is the most important part for me when it comes to raiding. I’d rather take it slowly, once a week for a few hours, rather than farm through it for the gear. The gear isn’t what makes it fun for me (though it can make things easier)–it’s the people you complete the challenge with.

Even dungeons I’ve run a bunch feel fresh and new and exciting when you have the right group together personality-wise (despite how much you do or don’t wipe). While it wasn’t a specific goal for the month, it’s definitely a huge accomplishment. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in game-play. And I’ll be sure to take a bunch of shots when we hit up Genetic Archives for the first time next weekend!

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