High Anxiety

High Anxiety

First of all…

Final Fantasy

Sunday night, I had an epic battle with the login boss, but eventually was able to log into Lamia. Cactuar was out of the question after a half hour of login attempts, and Lamia only took about ten minutes comparatively. So I had some fun leveling up my Archer.

I worked a bit on my main Bard quests, and next on my list is to purchase a few gear items from vendors to unlock the “level 5 gear” quest to progress the main story.

I thought the exchange with Silvairre was entertaining. I giggled a little bit. Though I do think he’s kind of an ass.

Apartment Hunting

Monday, well, I’m not quite sure what I did for gaming, honestly. Work has been quite busy, and Chaide and I are going through a whirlwind of a time. Our apartment complex was bought out by the city, and we’ve no idea when they will be closing it down. But we also need to move before August 3 when he starts his new teaching job East of Atlanta. So we’ve been searching for an apartment to move into for the weekend of August 1.

We got lucky, though. We were approved for a very nice apartment in Atlanta proper a few blocks away from some of our favorite venues. It’s smaller than our current one, but everything is new (built in 2011), there’s a salt water pool, two other patios (one of which is a “zen garden” with waterfalls–it’s my favorite! And our apartment balcony looks over it!), a game room with a pool and fooseball table, a skylounge, a movie lounge, a dog park… it’s going to be like living in a hotel!

But that also requires quite a bit of packing. We’re almost done with the living room aside from essentials, and the bedroom is half packed. We’re also trying to go through as much crap as we can and get rid of it.

Oh, and we’re also making plans for our vacation July 13-19. It’ll be fun, though! We’ll be visiting a gaming friend we’ve known for a while for part of the week, and I’ll try to borrow his computer once or twice to post a blog of our happenings. Though I’m sure he’ll make us log into FFXIV on Lamia at some point or another as well, hehe.


Tuesday was some PvP in WildStar. We’ve been trying to unlock the Prestige flask which requires a large number of killing blows via guild members. It’s pretty much the only thing left to unlock. It was fun, but took a while to pop. And we always seemed to get Halls of the Bloodsworn. Probably because it had most of contract dailies.

I also spent quite a bit of time chatting with Cirinde, who is one of the sweetest folks I know. And I hope she and a few other folks are able to attend our first raid on Saturday to help out!


Tonight we’re dealing with a burst pipe on our water heater. The floor is flooded, and the guy on call won’t be able to get here for two hours. I am not amused. I doubt I’ll get to do much gaming, but it also bodes well in our favor as we break our lease early for four years of crap just like this (plus the city buying our complex which they haven’t told any of the residents). I’m relived to be moving (I’ll have a washer and dryer!!!!!!), but at the same time, it’s a calamity with work, and trying to pack, and health stuff, and trying to maintain a schedule at the gym, and cook dinners so we can save money for the move, and…

Well. It’s just kind of overwhelming. I’m trying to do the “take one day at a time”, but sometimes it’s a tad hard with the quick pace of everything, currently. I’m just trying to stay on the positive side, which I’m usually pretty good at, but is posing a challenge the past week and a half. Regardless, it will all work out in the end. It’s the anxiety that’s the hard part.

7 thoughts on “High Anxiety

  1. Remember to take the odd few minutes for a spot of Mindfulness when things get a little overwhelming. It's really important to remain self-aware.

    Also? Things will come together. It will be tough but you will persevere and push through it and come out the other side. Whatever happens along the way happens and worrying won't change it, but doing will. You are awesome and you can do this! 😀 *hug*

  2. It is. And mindfulness is one of those things I'm working on in Therapy. So thank you for the reminder, too. 🙂

    Thanks for being so awesome yourself! *hugs*

  3. Yeah my counsellor was always going on about it.. I have to admit I'm a bit rubbish with it but if I catch myself stressed I take a few minutes to just stop. And be.

    Psssh. *hugs*

  4. Yeah, even queues have been quick (I've gotten a queue once, exed out the notice, chose my character again, and got right in.

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