Moving Stress Commences

Moving Stress Commences

Yesterday was a fairly laid back day for gaming, considering that we packed most of the day. The move is really stressful at the moment, and our game time is going to be limited this week and next. Tonight we’ll probably get in some Final Fantasy. Tomorrow is mini-boss night in Genetic Archives (WildStar). Wednesday is some normal dungeons and adventures in WildStar. But from there on, gaming is pretty much up in the air.

Thursday I have a job interview, and a lot of things to take care of with our new apartment as I need to pick up the keys, do a walkthrough, etc. on top of working from home. Then we have dinner with some friends. Friday we’re going to IKEA after Chaide gets off work to get some new computer desks and the like. And then Saturday we move. We’re going to try our best to get online in time for raid on Saturday, but there’s no guarantees based on the fact that we use Crapcast for our ISP. Sunday we should be able to get a little gaming time in, assuming we were successful in our unpacking endeavors on Saturday.
So, needless to say, I’m a tad stressed this week for real life, hah.

Anyway, yesterday was a laid back game night. I had scheduled a world boss run in-guild, but there were only five other guildies on at the time, so we went to do the Dominion-zone Metal Maw with folks that already had a group together.

I was able to get Bauxyte her first boss kill, which was exciting. I’m really digging the Warrior in WildStar, and I plan on playing more of her–even to the point of attunement! She’ll never replace Chestnut, but maybe once Chestnut has seen all of GA, Bauxyte can get a chance. I mean, it’ll happen at some point or another. It always does as games progress. Even if she’s (Bauxyte) behind a tier, or is helping a second group or whatever.

After Metal Maw, one of our guildies wanted to run a Vet Adventure, so we ended up running two of them. We only had four of us that were into doing a run, so we pugged the last spot, and ended up with an Esper that had just gotten through the ten day trial and was really enjoying the game. We chatted a lot, and so far as I know, they ended up applying for the guild, which is pretty awesome.

We found out that one of the members only had one of the Adventures available to him, so we spent some time grabbing Crimelords and WotW quick for him. That way we didn’t end up with a Malgrave randomly. Because ugh, Malgrave. But it was awesome that we got folks upgrades, and found a neat new person out of it. Our internet kept being a jerk during Crimelords, though, so I’m really hoping things get straightened out with it when we move this weekend, because I’m over the constant lag/DC issues that only started last Thursday.

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