Space Madness

Space Madness

One of my favorite things to do in-game when I know I have limited time is to run a Vet Shiphand or two. Vet Shiphands were added into the game in Drop 4, and are a great way to kill a quick thirty minutes (or less) when you just need a gaming break from something. They’re also a pretty handy way to make some cash if you need some.

I wish I’d thought to just do shiphands last night, instead of trying to run dailies. Honestly, I logged in with the intention of leveling Bauxyte, then got distracted with cleaning up the guild bank some, then was helping a guildie with her house, and then by the time I got to dailies (because I noticed I hadn’t hit my Elder Gem cap), Chaide was home so I didn’t really do many dailies.

Though, I wonder if I would have had the focus to sit down and run a shiphand as is, considering how back-and-forth I was in my goals when I sat down.

Which makes me feel that in my current mental state, all disorganized and stressed, that an image of the Shiphand “Space Madness” was appropriate.

I guess this is more of a micro-post, considering not much went on last night that’s interesting or worth writing about. But I’m trying to get myself into the habit of blogging daily for Blaugust. And I really need to get over the fact that sometimes I really just won’t have exciting things to write about, and I’m trying to suss out a style for those moments.

So constructive criticism is appreciated. I know, this is mainly about me just writing, but I’d like for it to be coherent, make sense, and entertaining to read. And when I don’t have much to write about, it can be a bit difficult to feel like it’s those three things.

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