Aurins Can Fly

Aurins Can Fly

Yesterday was a long and busy work day, and last night was just as busy. Got home, put together dinner, and did some packing for moving before Mini-boss night in WildStar.

We have two different raid nights in WildStar–Tuesday nights we go smash the mini-bosses as more of a gear-farm for folks, and Saturday nights we focus more on progression. Last night, however, was a bit of both.

We hit up the first two mini bosses as we have in the past. I think we wiped more on trash than we did on the mini-bosses for a change! We downed the Genetic Monstrosity in two tries (the first try being a butt pull and getting him to 2%), and we downed the Hideously Malformed Mutant in one go.

We also went in to try the Gravitron Operator for the first time, thinking that we would spend most of the night on her. (We’ve deemed it’s a her, apparently, though you can’t tell either way.) In about four or five tries, we had her down for the first time. We were all kind of surprised with ourselves. And after loot handed out, we were still kind of in shock, so… we never got a kill shot because we Bailed Out to the zone-in. Oops. We’ll just get a shot of her next week!

We decided since we still had some time left for the night to give Experiment X-89 some tries, since we got him down to 22% last weekend. We didn’t have a full group, but it meant some practice for folks still figuring out how to do mechanics, so it would be worth it no matter what. It came as a shocker to us all that we were consistently getting him down past 33%, and got down to 9% at our lowest (and sadly final) try for the night. We figure we’ll get him on Saturday first thing, and be able to get some first attempts in on Kuralak the Defiler.

I love the Experiment X-89 fight. It’s not a very difficult fight mechanics-wise. In fact, I feel that he’s pretty straight-forward. But that means he’s a great fight for those less-experienced folks to learn mechanics, and get better at them. During the fight, X-89 will put a Big Bomb (no idea what it’s actually called, but so what?) on someone. You’re supposed to jump off of the platform so you don’t kill all the tiles (and thus the raid), and then you get blown back up into the air on top of the raid and fall back onto the platform (not taking any fall damage).

One of the times I got the bomb I decided to take some shots, and got a pretty good one. Who kew that Aurin (Aurins?) could fly?

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