Playing Catch-Up

Playing Catch-Up

Blaugust Begins

What is this Blaugust you keep hearing about? The general gist of the matter is that you post thirty-one posts during the month of August on your blog (or vlog). I signed up to participate, but due to some busy times, I’m a tad behind at the moment. Suffice to say, I’ll be doing some catching up. For the full details, and to sign up to participate, check out this post here. The event itself is run by the epic Belghast (by the way, I think all of us participants should put together a pool of cash to buy him a game or two from his Steam wish-list! Just sayin’!), and at this point, I think there’s somewhere upwards of eighty bloggers participating!
So, today marks Post 1 of 31 for the Blaugust challenge for me. Some days you may see some double-posts to catch up, and possibly get ahead. This first post is going to be more life-based, as one of my goals for Blaugust (Oh! Look! A post topic! 😉 ) is to feel more comfortable sharing the real life stuff.


While not officially a day of Blaugusting (I made a new word!), it was the catalyst day for why I haven’t blogged until today. Thursday I worked from home, and headed out to our new apartment to get the keys, do the walkthrough, and move in some of the small stuff–like our art and some of the things the pets didn’t need immediately. I also had to actually do some work, so I stayed around the apartment and did said work… without internet. Then, Chaide came over to see the apartment, and we also had two friends who live in the area come by as well to do a grandiose tour. We all ended up going out for dinner, and then just chilling for a bit afterwards. By the time we got back to our old apartment and crawled into bed, it was close to midnight… and we both had to be up the next day to work.


Friday happened to be my Birthday, and I was overwhelmed by the messages on social media. In a good way, of course. I appreciated But it did make focusing on work itself a tad harder, on top of being excited to move into a swanky new place. After a long day at work, we packed up some more of the apartment, including the computers and router and headed over to the new apartment. We moved the perishable items we brought (we cleaned out the fridge) in, as well as the computers, and headed over to IKEA before it closed. We got two new bedside tables, two new computer desks, and a lamp for our living room. By the time we got everything back to the apartment, it was way past dinner time, so we stopped at a neat restaurant that Google claimed was cheap ($ out of $$$$ or whatever), but it ended up not being so cheap. But I did get a free Birthday double-shot of Whiskey, so that was awesome. By the time we got home, it was again midnight, and we had to be up early the next day to deal with the movers. (While we never officially celebrated, we’re having a Hogwarts-themed party on the 15th, and you can bet I’ll be posting pictures!)

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday were fairly uneventful aside from the moving process itself. Saturday the movers came to our old place, grabbed our stuff, and moved it to the new place. I unpacked a bunch over both days, and Chaide unpacked and put together all the new furniture we bought.We also had no internet whatsoever, so we couldn’t raid on Saturday, so we spent some time by the pool and just hanging out together. And going to bed early. Because that helps a lot.


Yeah, this is pretty much what I was doing.
Ah, today. I got up early to try to figure out a new routine now that my commute to work is different. So I got ready, dawdled a little bit, and then headed out to the car. Car turned on and then… wouldn’t move. When we bought the van for $300 almost a year ago (because my other $500 Craigslist car’s transmission fritzed), we knew the transmission wasn’t so great, so we repaired what we could and dealt with it. Today, the transmission finally fritzed. I was totally in a panic. Luckily my boss was okay with me working from home for the day, but that didn’t solve the immediate problem of how the hell I was getting to work tomorrow. But the mother-in-law was kind enough to let us borrow her second car until we can get another. We’re not going to bother fixing the van. It’s not cost effective, and we qualify for a loan for other cars. It’s just a matter of finding one that will (a) let us get the car we already have picked out or (b) be low enough to afford monthly payments on a dealership car. And then as I was putting something away, I smashed my head against a shelf by standing up in the wrong place. There’s a nice red lump there right now that looks like it’s starting to bruise. Eh, I’ll just have to get creative with brushing my hair, tomorrow.
So, I know it was life-filled and long, but it helped a lot to be able to write it all out and be done with the stress and anxiety. I didn’t get to game any, today, but I have a few different post ideas, so keep an eye out.

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